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Tailored to Perfection: Pedini Cucine

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In this exquisitely cosy two-bedroom home, custom-made pieces play a starring role in optimizing the living spaces and creating a unique ambience.

Bright and soothing yet highly personalized – these characteristics perfectly sum up this condo interior designed by Pedini Cucine (M) Sdn. Bhd. Throughout the home, the designers have infused strategic application of custom-made details to foster a sense of harmony that’s cohesive all over. A vibrant palette also serves as a valuable counterpoint to the clean lines and clutter-free ambience of the home.

In the living room, a wood-based feature wall accommodating the TV is offset by the floor-to-ceiling mirrors on two sides. The play of symmetry is complemented by the geometric-printed rug and the cosy grey couch embellished with patterned pillows. On the far left near the entrance, a sleek shelving system with embedded lighting casts a sensual glow to the rest of the space. The irregular planes on the shelves also perfectly balance out the symmetrical effect in the main living area.

Behind the sofa set, the dining table is set against a full-scale mirror that extends to cover the entire wall, creating a sense of spaciousness. Behind the mirror wall, the space leads towards the kitchen on the left and the bedrooms on the right. Right across the dining table is a chill-out space comprising a multifunctional sofa bed. Along with the built-in shelving system, the integration of a sofa bed is definitely a clever of use space as this area can be converted into a guest bedroom when the occasion calls for it.

In the kitchen, a drop-down wire-frame hovers above the kitchen counter to provide the owner with top storage space – yet another space-saving feature to optimise the use of square feet in this home. Light wood countertop blends beautifully with the polished white cabinets. Appliances are placed neatly into their dedicated niches; in fact, there’s even space for the washing machine.

Away from the main living areas, the bedrooms are simple but well-designed. A geometric theme is used in the master bedroom. Exemplifying good use of space once again, the wardrobe is elegantly tailored to flush against the wall to create a streamlined and spacious environment. As for the kids’ bedroom, light pink walls offer an ideal backdrop for the wardrobe painted in pastel blue and pink as well as the art prints and fun cut-outs on the walls.

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