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Sunlit Brilliance: A Terraced Home Updated with a Bright and Airy Interior

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Yong Studio saturates the interior of this open layout home in a neutral palette to create a sunny and airy atmosphere.

This refurbished 2-storey terraced home was expanded beyond the extents of the original interior architecture enabling the ground floor of this home to be enlarged to provide a more spacious living space. The split-level layout is also retained, albeit exaggerated with glass balustrades and an absence of ceiling trays on the upper platform.

The seating lounge occupying the upper platform accommodates a novel decorative feature – a tree residing within the reduced front terrace is integrated into the living area by way of a wall extension. A pair of narrow wooden blinds dress the slender window frames on this wall, providing a widening visual element to the long space. With the exception of the plush fabric sofa in grey, the weights of other furnishings around this living space are kept to a minimum in order to preserve the breezy décor. An apparently incomplete abstract oil painting rests on a slender artist’s easel; the coffee table is a simplistic round platter of wood elevated by a black wireframe drum, and the lightly-shaded wooden console surface projects from the wall instead of occupying valuable floor space.

A nearby series of wooden steps in a staircase with glass balustrades leads to the upper floor and its bedrooms. Descending the staircase from the seating lounge platform brings one past the glass balustrades lining the platform’s edge and into the spacious dining area, its walkways retained with the use of a long and narrow dining surface. The wooden dining table is accompanied by a mixture of translucent, white, and grey moulded plastic chairs of elegant design and accented by industrial-leaning pendant lights in an array of hanging exposed bulbs that cast a warm glow around the core of this home.

Sunlight is let in through the full-height windows at the far end of the adjacent kitchen space, and brought further into the interior with all-white cabinetry stretching from the floor to the ceiling. Appliances are neatly set into the cabinetry to preserve floor space and to lend the kitchen an immaculate atmosphere. An additional layer of amenities is weaved into the narrow space with the inclusion of a kitchen island, composed of white panelling to match the cabinets, and to minimize the interruption of the view through the windows. To provide a degree of variability in the kitchen, subtle shades in stone are used to deck the floors and backsplash, while a slab of grey marble tops the island to provide an additional surface for meals. A pair of pendant lights in contrasting colours and futuristic design hangs above the kitchen island, bringing the clean white space into the realm of the modern.

Industrial Accents: Bare and uncovered, an array of exposed bulbs of the post-industrial persuasion act as statement lighting in the dining space, reflecting the shape of the table below in the roughly rectangular arrangement of the bulbs.

Immaculate in White: In contrast to the homely influence of the wooden dining table, the adjacent kitchen space is saturated with white in cabinetry and in the kitchen island. Subtle shades in stone are used to deck the floors and backsplash, while a slab of grey marble tops the island and provides an additional surface for meals.

The master bedroom presents a more eclectic combination of styles, with the positioning of a classically inspired dressing table in close proximity to the modern interpretations of Shoji-style doors. Beyond these sliding doors lies a bathroom containing one of the most notable features of this home – the flow of uninterrupted natural light is repeated here, with a free-standing bathtub being gifted with a skylight to enable luxurious and relaxing sojourns while bathing in the sunlight.

Natural Materials: The bedroom receives amplification in the use of wooden materials for furnishings, in the wardrobe doors, bedside table, and modern Shoji style doors. In contrast, the bathroom is decked entirely in stone tiles.





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