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Serene Poise: Nu Infinity

by chxadmin

A compact home decorated in minimalist fashion is given a streak of elegance with the careful curation of materials.

Amidst furnishings with narrow black frames and modern lighting fixtures of copper, Nu Infinity elevates the decidedly minimalist décor of this compact condominium with generous swathes of marbled stone and polished bronze trim. The perspective from the foyer presents a near-uninterrupted panoramic view of the outdoors, facilitated by ethereal drapery hanging over tinted sliding glass doors, low-profile furniture, and an array of black square pipes that make up the enviable home office situated at the rear of the seating lounge.

Bold Demarcation:  Minimalist steel frames and elegant lines of polished bronze trim streak across the neutral coloured space, adding layers of complexity for the wandering eye to linger upon.

Earthly Overtones: Attention is drawn to the patches of natural materials distributed about the open layout: a serving platter of stone is mounted on the kitchen counter to echo the linear grey veining on the entertainment wall, while the various shades of wood converge on the dining table.

A diminutive galley occupies the alcove beside the foyer, formed out of a single wall of fixtures and a kitchen island serving as the base from which the wooden dining table projects. A wide stretch of mirrored glass framed in black reflects the combined kitchen and dining area onto itself, visually expanding the space and augmenting the illumination provided by a series of pendant lights contained in wire cages of copper.

A hallway leading to the private spaces is defined by the black borders of the mirrored wall in the dining space and the stretch of grey veined stone in the seating lounge. The door leading to the master bedroom presents a convergence of materials in the space: white marbled stone, opaque glass to represent the architectural finishes, and matte panels of navy blue to reflect the shelving located on the opposing wall – contained within a narrow border of polished bronze in an exercise blending modern aesthetics with retro formality.

While the grey on white stone in the seating lounge is reminiscent of the Calacatta variety of marble, the feature wall of the master bedroom presents a similarly white stone with grey speckles for differentiation, with the use of polished bronze trim repeated to section the panel of stone into art deco proportions. Hanging on either side of the bedframe, a trio of Tom Dixon’s copper-plated mirror ball pendants provide a whimsical measure of contrast against the straight lines of the decorative panel.

The scenic views throughout the private spaces are thoughtfully preserved: while the view from the master bedroom is briefly interrupted to make way for a television and a low entertainment console, the adjacent stretch of windows is fitted with bench seating to provide a meditative place of respite in the sun.

In one of the other bedrooms, a dressing table projects from the dark wood floor to carve out a section for use as a walk-in wardrobe space – the resulting visual obstruction is bypassed and access to the generous view is provided by way of the mirrored wardrobe doors.

Framed Perspectives: Motivational messages, visual expansions of space, and scenic views of the skyline are presented in frames of black steel throughout the home.

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Award-winning interior design and architectural practice based in tropical Malaysia, purveyor of luxury and lifestyle interior for private clients and property developers, Nu Infinity provides an avant-garde approach to the designing process – conceptual approach, practicality, serviceability and visionary. We are driven by the constant urge to engage challenges beyond our logical beliefs with the objective of pushing the comfort zones our society sits in.

From left to right: Velix Lai, Gie Ying, Aliscia Cheok, Jessie Tang, Yee Yin, and Ceres Tiew
Venue: King Koil Boutique @ IPC Mall
Photographer: Gavin Yam

Nu Infinity Sdn Bhd
No. 57-1, Jalan PJS 1/50
46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

+603 7772 5550
+603 7772 5550
+6016 626 1214 (Nick Fong) / +6012 387 5838 (Alex Lee)



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