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A dreamy white and wood studio for artists, the Room On The Roof invites inspiration and artistic expression.


Designed by i29 interior architects from the Netherlands, Room On The Roof is a unique interior conceived into a conducive studio for local artists. Located in the small tower on de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, a well-loved spot in the historic heart of the city that has been converted into a cultural haven, Room On The Roof is fully equipped for artists, complete with a telescope for enjoying panoramic views of the city, a bed for dreaming, a special menu for meals, along with its Dam Square location which serves a source of inspiration.



Designed to offer artists a unique experience, the starting point for this development is to realize an installation that brings together two worlds in one space; playing with scale and perception as in the universe of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. On one side, a vertical installation of wooden volumes from floor to ceiling is placed, the other side is a full white space. The wooden installation includes a pantry, storage, desk and daybed. The features have been stacked on top of each other as a kind of ‘living cabinet’ in order to experience the tower on different levels. There are also small ladders where you can climb up into the cabinet.

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