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20th December 2014,

Laminated on both sides, Floor Depot’s 2FACE and 2FACE+ Laminate Flooring ensure a fresh new look for your home.

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The feel of wood on one’s feet is magical. So comfortable to walk on, wood flooring is now gaining popularity and making inroads into modern homes. However, unlike a piece of furniture which can be changed every few years to suit the interior design trend, wood flooring is a fixture. Once fixed, changing it is a costly undertaking that deters many from even considering it.

Introducing Floor Depot’s 2FACE and 2FACE+ Laminate Flooring – the first of its kind in the world. Unlike ordinary laminate floorboards which are only laminated on the top, 2FACE and 2FACE+ Laminate Floorboards are laminated on both sides – each side comes with a different photographic image of natural wood. This innovative feature offers homeowners the flexibility of changing their flooring design when they decide to add a new touch to their flooring.

This innovative feature is made possible by Floor Depot’s ingenious Reversible Eagle-grip System that allows the installation of floorboards without the use of glue. In other words, the floorboards can be dismantled to change sides and reinstalled without causing any damage to the joint profile. This simply means by paying only a nominal installation fee, you’ll have a brand new looking floor within days. This also translates into greater cost-savings as you do not need to buy new floorboards just to give your flooring a new appeal.

As Floor Depot’s 2FACE and 2FACE+ Laminate Floorings are laminated on both sides of the floor board, warping and cupping can be easily prevented, thus giving your flooring beauty and comfort that last for years.

Floor Depot’s 2FACE comes with water resistant ability to prevent damage caused by water and humidity, making it suitable for humid weather. On the other hand, 2FACE+ is waterproof to withstand extreme humidity. It will not swell or deform even when soaked in water for long hours.


With such versatility, both 2FACE and 2FACE+ Laminate floorings are suitable for all residential and moderate commercial use. Floor Depot’s 2FACE collection is available in 4 series – 2FACE Glory 8, Super V10, Cham 8 and Cham 10 while 2FACE+ collection is available in 2 series – 2FACE+ Cham 8 and Cham 10.

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