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A Contemporary Home with Impressive Wood Details: Nu Infinity

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Against a wood backdrop, soft furnishing is punctuated with solid surfaces and impeccable details, resulting in a highly chic home with creative ideas at every corner.

A love for spaces is evident in this home designed by Nu Infinity where everything pivots around a warm wood palette. Easy to the eyes, yet sophisticated in its own unique way, the design team successfully created a home brimming with personal style.

“Every corner and every small part are imbued with great passion, as if each act rising to a dramatic crescendo in this newest addition to our line of projects,” Nu Infinity says. “Where spaces most would imagine being meaningless and do not offer a sense of space or warmth now have been refined and redefined to make each passing void – your space.”

A large wood panel graces the main wall while a plush grey sofa anchors the space elegantly.

The living area is seemingly tucked away at a cosy part of the house with its grand full-scale TV cabinet

The dining table is a thick wood slab supported by metal legs. Six wood chairs with upholstered seats match beautifully with the table while designer lamps above cast a cosy glow.

The master bedroom connects to a s tudy space looking out to the lake.

The design elements and details prevalent in the main living spaces are applied in the master bedroom.

A hidden door leads to the private wardrobe room.

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