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Naturally Inspired: Clean Lines and Living Accents in a Sunlit Interior

by chxadmin

A relaxing haven is found in a harmonious composition of clean modern lines that have been tastefully softened by sunlight, live plants, and lighting fixtures mimicking birds.

The interior designer, Stylecraft Design, used a largely modern design scheme in a neutral palette, adding accents to soften the straight lines such as indoor plants along with selected decorations and lights ranging from bright yellow to ochre. The novel highlight of this home is an alcove formed out of dark wood in modern cuts, containing a Zen tea-drinking corner on a raised dais. The space is made cozier with the addition of plush stools and warm yellow lights that seem to lift the platform on its glow. Natural light filters through a single layer of sheer curtains, enabling the sun to illuminate the white walls.

The seating area is marked out by a sizable area carpet in grey, furnished with a matching low-back sofa alongside a lone padded lounge chair. Black is used to tie the room together, appearing in the foreground in the oyster back of the lounge chair, echoing in the wire sides of the tables, the spotlight rails on the ceiling, and the wall behind the television. The two duplicate abstract prints widen the blank wall, setting up the visual frame for the seating area and adding an energizing measure of bright yellow on the grey wall.

The opposite wall is almost fully reflective, bedecked in full-height mirrored panels that reflect the hallway and the seating area on itself, effectively doubling the visual space. The entertainment wall of the seating area takes presents seemingly random diagonal lines to break-up the expanse of the black. The television console surface is formed out of a floating platform seemingly rendered from cement to underscore the entertainment wall.

The straight lines from the reflective panels and geometric cuts on walls create a satisfying visual effect when they converge with the ceiling recesses. This illusion demarcates and enlarges the seating area, while reflecting the organically-inspired lighting fixtures.

Organic forms are taken as inspiration for lighting in the seating and dining areas – a glowing bird rests on a golden perch in the corner of the seating area, the modern chandelier in this same space takes after the branches of foliage, and hanging above the glass-topped dining table is a perch occupied by more glowing birds.

Living Accents: The modern lines of this home are balanced out with the addition of objects both living and mimicking life, such as live ferns and the assortment of comical dog sculptures found in various corners.

Stylecraft Design
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70300 Seremban
Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus

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