Home Bedroom Metropolitan Medley: SQR (Square Root Architecture & Interior Design)

Metropolitan Medley: SQR (Square Root Architecture & Interior Design)

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Warm and inviting, this home features refined creative details and outstanding visual elements, culminating into an inspired interior theme.

Contemporary interiors sometimes fall onto the cool side to provide a polished and sleek look. However, for this 1,800 sqft condo designed by Square Root Architecture & Interior Design (SQR), its contemporary palette is created with a warm outlook to infuse spaces with a vibrant ambience.


From the entrance, the space entering the living hall is beautifully done up in a series of engaging details that provide the space its distinctive personality. Light-toned wood is used, serving as a cosy backdrop for the plush grey sofa and built-in wall shelving that accommodates the TV. Bold coloured pillows enliven the space while the décor brightens the living area via a collection of sophisticated details.

Different levels of spaces are created to achieve the separation of public and private spaces. A row of veneer wrapped with timber screen provides a tad of privacy as well. To match the grey sofa, the same shade is brought over to the dining area where grey upholstered dining chairs and a solid wood table anchor the space.

The dry kitchen next to it features a contemporary theme achieved using timber cabinets and white marble for its countertop and backsplash. A pedestal tabletop offers another spatial experience for the owner to have their meals and also for food preparation while serving as a visual divider between the kitchen and dining area.

The bedrooms offer generous visual appeal in the form of lush soft furnishing and tailor-made detailing. Taking the master bedroom for example, the bed with a white upholstered headboard leans against a feature wall with sliding panels composed of vertical veneer wrapped wood strips to provide privacy without sacrificing the amazing mountain view. To elevate the comfort element in the room, the bed is enveloped in luxurious blue bedding. For the bathroom, the door is concealed and camouflages as a feature wall to provide a sleek and polished façade.

The kid’s bedroom which features printed wallcoverings depicting townhouses stands out and provides a cosy vibe energising the space. Velvet blue curtains and a blue headboard are used to complement the setting with a colourful rug perfected as a finishing touch to the room.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Bumper 2019 vol. 14

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