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Exquisite Elegance: SQFT Space Design Management

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Spacious and cosy at the same time, this sales gallery sets off a welcoming vibe amidst a sophisticated interior theme.

Upon entering this sales gallery, a distinctive sense of sophistication welcomes visitors, drawing them into the different spaces that are carefully laid out for easy viewing. At the front entrance, a bold marble door frame is set against the large glass window, advocating a feeling of grandeur. From here, the elegant atmosphere progresses into a warmer tone to facilitate a welcoming ambience.

Throughout the gallery, the space is kept wide open and spacious. In the centre are pedestals displaying the scale models of the latest properties while lounges and discussion areas flank the left and right sides of the space. Floor-to-ceiling walls are adorned with backlit posters of the properties, catching visitors’ eyes immediately as they come in. To further enhance the visual appeal of the pedestals, the designers used concrete finishing for each one of them, complemented by lights underneath, creating a levitating effect.

At one of the corners by the window, a cosy sofa upholstered in pale blue-grey fabric is placed atop a lush carpet with abstract prints. The space looks out to the landscape outdoors, providing a conducive area for visitors to rest, relax and have conversations. Other sitting areas are kept simple with beige armchairs placed around a coffee table to emulate a comfortable living room setting.

Towards the far end of the gallery, a chic pantry comprising a marble countertop with gold block-shaped support legs is made even more stunning with gold steel frames affixed over a mirror wall. The reflective surface of the mirror visually expands the space. Next to it, the cabinets blend with the black and white panels that frame the mirror wall.

To keep the ambience elegant and inviting, lighting is meticulously planned to blend with the natural light that streams through the large windows. Spotlights are used to cast a direct glow onto the display pedestals. For the lounge areas, the lighting is kept dim for a cosy effect.

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