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Lovebound Designs: Turn Design Interior

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At every corner of this tea store designed like a bus station, there’s something to warm the heart and inspire a sense of being transported into a world of young love.

Inspired by the timeless story of young love, Turn Design Interior created a chic and charming interior for Panntea’s outlet in Setapak. To bring Panntea’s brand story into reality, Turn Design Interior incorporated a memorable theme that blends together graphic art, engaging details in the form of buses and bus stops as well as lively colours that set this outlet apart.

“We wanted to create a unique ambience that brings back the feeling of young love back in high school,” say the designers. “This place would be somewhere people can reminisce about their bittersweet memories. For some people bus stops would be one of their meeting points with their first love.”

Once customers enter through the eye-catching entrance, the ambience changes into a pleasant and heartwarming one. Towards the side, the barista counter captures attention immediately with its life-size cutout of a blue-green bus, which comes complete with wheels. Green tiles with diagonal lines highlight the backsplash, complementing the outer form of the bus frame beautifully.

All around, walls don a brick-like motif with black grouts to keep the backdrop clean yet eye-catching. The wall space is strategically punctuated with graphic drawings as well. At one corner, where the bench seatings are, the area is done up to reflect a bus station atmosphere. On the wall, black and white cartoon drawings of a love story where a couple meets at a bus stop add a touch of visual interest to the space. White awnings with pendant lamps are set over the tables, engendering a sense of intimacy. On the side wall, a bus stop sign with different destinations displayed anchors the theme creatively. Another interesting feature is a glass partition with a white awning and ink drawings of panelled doors to offer hints of being at a bus station.

Where black and white drawings are placed on the ground floor, on the upper level, the same drawings are now given splashes of bold hues like yellow and green, creating a strong focal point at the stairway landing. Yellow and teal chairs that accompany the tables complement the visual theme in fashionable manner. On one of the walls, a large heart symbol and the word “LOVE” made from yellow wire frame give the space a personalized look. Strip lighting infuses a retro-contemporary theme while ensuring the upper floor is bright and welcoming.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Bumper 2019 vol. 14

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