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Haven of Elegance: ST Concepts

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Styled meticulously, this chic and contemporary home features a perfect balance of unique aesthetics and a sophisticated design sense.

It takes a well-composed concept to achieve a residential design with fashionable taste of this magnitude, like this home exemplifies. Each room features its own unique set of colour themes and materials, but at the same time, they are immaculately complementary to one another. The living room is infused with a sense of cosy luxury thanks to the tailor-made TV cabinet and velvety upholstery which infuse a bespoke atmosphere to the space. A brown carpet under the pair of round coffee tables keys in a personalized effect while a solo armchair on the side harmonizes with the overall interior outlook.

With its round marble dining table complemented by a modern chandelier above, the dining area is designed to evoke a classic appearance, one that slowly transitions to a chic environment in the dry kitchen next to it. A bright brown countertop serves as a breakfast counter, complemented by three tall stools. Here, the material selections of textured wall coverings and monochromes complement each other beautifully to bring out a unique look that enhances the cookspace.

The bedrooms keep in line with the core concept of clean lines and exquisite furnishing as seen throughout this home. A softer theme is employed in the master bedroom, in the form of an upholstered headboard with textured wallcovering and reflective surfaces around it. Wood flooring introduces warmth to the room, affording a contemporary backdrop for the cabinets and side tables. On the far end, the space is done up in panelled walls alternated by mirror surfaces, leading into the walk-in wardrobe.

For the other bedrooms, each room resembles white canvases that have been purposefully adorned with different materials and textures to give it character and a sense of personal style. For instance, in one of the bedrooms, a variety of motifs seen on the feature wall, headboard and bedding comes together harmoniously to produce a cohesive look. The bedroom’s door takes on a deep brown herringbone-like finishing which adds on to the unique appeal of this space. In another bedroom, the built-in cupboards feature light-toned panels to complement the panelled headboard opposite.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Bumper 2019 vol. 14

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