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Lightweight Luxury: IQI Concept

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This compact family home presents a delicate balance of minimalism and contemporary luxury embellished with an abundance of reflective metallic finishes.


Designed by IQI Concept, the entrance into the open layout of this condominium is supported along its sides by a partition of steel and glass panels mounted on a half-wall, and a full-height expanse of wood panelling on the walls marking out the extent of the nearby dining area. Tucked into an alcove beside the foyer, a kitchen bearing dark cabinetry provides an element of monochromatic contrast against the predominantly pale architectural finishes.

Dusky Accents: The dark drapery and decorative features of the entertainment wall serve to bridge the gap between the predominant cream tones and wood furnishings sharing the space.

The kitchen bears an L-shaped configuration of countertops with a projection to provide an additional work surface and close off the operative area. The addition of a long bench of minimalist design provides a means of casual dining on the serving side of the island, supplementing the nearby country-leaning formal dining arrangement. Complementing the reflective sheen of the kitchen island, a trio of hanging pendant lights in chrome completes the arrangement.

Statement Lighting: The arboreal dining space is luxuriously punctuated with a 14-piece variation of the Ike chandelier, while the darker grey of the nearby kitchen is simplistically appointed with chrome pendant lights.

The combined footprint of the kitchen and dining area is enclosed within a frame of light, expressed from fixtures hidden in a trench on the ceiling. The simplistic wooden dining table and its accompaniment of mould-injected plastic seats mounted on Nordic wooden legs present a striking contrast against the backdrop of wood panelling. The rest of the open layout is centred over the eclectic dining arrangement and elegantly punctuated by a modern 14-light fixture composed of brass and aluminium for a glossy black and gold-plated finish, lending the wood-based décor a discernable streak of grandeur.

Decorated with the aim of expanding the space, the palette applied to the seating lounge is more restrained to match the pale architectural finishes, with the area carpet and furniture expressing similar shades of cream. The pale palette serves to highlight the darker elements of the corner, bringing attention to the drapery over the windows, and to the wood and steel amalgamation that makes up the entertainment wall.

Personalised Hues:  The use of wood is reduced to flooring in the bedrooms, where the walls are saturated in specific shades to match the fabrics and accents in the individual spaces.

While the master bedroom is dominated by ample reflective finishes designed to expand the room and provide it with a distinctly modern sense of luxury, the smaller bedrooms are decorated more modestly with walls of blue and grey. The walls of the former bedroom bear classically-inspired mouldings that are playfully saturated in a vivid shade of blue to match the adjoining wardrobe, while the latter bedroom demonstrates a more reserved personality with plain walls of grey serving as the backdrop for a relatively simplistic bed-frame with a reflective headboard of modern design.

Reflective Facets: The master bedroom is replete with mirrored and opaque planes: from the space-expanding walls to the iconic chrome mirror ball pendant lights flanking the bedstead.

An Avant-Garde Approach

A fresh and dynamic interior design company that provides residential and commercial turnkey solutions for clients who want to create a home or office environment that matches their flair, lifestyle, and philosophy. IQI Concept strives to deliver high quality results imbued with their brand of creative insight and innovative space planning solutions to reflect designed visions. With every project they partake in, IQI Concept ensures that all is done with courage, passion, and a spirit dedicated to designing and creating unique details.

From left to right: Vivi Yong, Aaron Ng, Ho Han Boon (director), Wei Ling, and Wong Yie Yee
Venue: GoldenHome Kitchen @ Glenmarie
Kitchen Appliances: Teka Küchentechnik Malaysia
Photographer: Gavin Yam

IQI Concept
VSQ @ PJ City Centre
Block 4-07-01, Jalan Utara
PJS 52
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

+603 7452 5588
+6012 210 2262
joe@iqiconcept.com / hello@iqiconcept.com

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