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2022 Kitchen Trends: Simplicity and Smart Innovation Take the Lead in Today’s Kitchens

by chxadmin

Photo: Alustil

What’s cooking up a trendy storm in today’s kitchens? We scoured international kitchen shows and found these hot kitchen features that would elevate the cookspace to the next level.

Alustil’s A-Class Series Kitchen is sophisticated in every way: from the surface to the handles and the storage solutions, the kitchen adopts an alternative palette of materials that are extremely easy to clean and resilient, with a flawless, high-quality appearance. In this model, the kitchen island continues into a dining table, transforming the kitchen into a favourite dining spot – a classic yet timeless treatment to infuse more functionality to the kitchen space. Available in a wide variety of colours, Alustil kitchens with its very own patented base cabinet, the Huracan carcase system made in solid extruded aluminium accentuate its superiority and durability, bringing together functions and practicality.


The Elektra kitchen from Signature Kitchen emanates a classy ambience through a stylish purity of lines from a luxurious combination of Supermatt and glass – bestowing a glamorous touch to a sophisticated yet pragmatic kitchen ergonomics. Its key highlights are the exclusive Supermatt door finishes which feels sleek and smooth to the touch. This stylistic composition features smooth matt door finishes, black aluminium tea glass cabinets, polished countertops, slim handle-free panels, built-in appliances and wood elements.


Curved lines without handles, integrated sinks and cooktop, and a breakfast bar made of HI-MACS®solid surface are the central elements in the design of the new Pedini Artika kitchen. The Artika concept marries simplicity with efficiency featuring a slender-bodied solution, with enveloping and familiar forms, defined not only by the countertop itself, but also by the drawers and doors in the units that blend into the profile, as though sculpted by the action of wind or water.

www.pedini.com.my; himacs.eu

Designed by Makio Hasuike & Co for Aran Cucine, Sipario redefines the kitchen environment into a place where people share and enjoy each other’s company. “Like in a theatrical representation the art of cooking is a performance. The stage is imposing, compact, equipped for preparation and cooking,” the designer remarks. This kitchen features a wall cabinet with glass shelves and integrated lighting and comes complete withtall units and a kitchen island. Built-in appliances also create a compact kind of design, respecting the double depth of the tall units. Sipario was displayed at last year’s Eurocucina and was presented in Fenix grey, with a stainless steel worktop.


For small space living, Officine Gullo presents their new full kitchen composition where everything you ever need are fitted into one space. Featuring an elegant light beige palette and brass finishes, perimeter rods and mahogany handles complete the modern classic appeal of this set. The leaves and chests of drawers come with hinges and sliding guides, while the built-in pantry is done up in solid brass finish. Handmade closing mechanisms have also been integrated. To make things more convenient, there is also a combined fridge-freezer concealed within the separate armoire-like storage space.


Made with a different touch, here’s a kitchen from Kohler where tribal motifs, primitive patterns and a symbiotic connection to the natural world is woven and shaped through design. Interior Designer Steffany Hollingsworth from HVL Interiors draws on HUMANature, a perspective of design that brings us in tune with nature and highlights how we are at our best when in sync with its rhythm. Raw and organic, this kitchen weaves savvy sink and faucet pairings into a curated celebration of tribal style—all layered into its desert surroundings.


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