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Prince Perfection: Next Generation Back-Care Mattresses

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King Koil unveiled their exquisite range of Prince Collection mattresses, with famous Malaysian actor, Fattah Amin crowned as their Prince of King Koil.

When popular Malaysian actor, Fattah Amin takes time off from a movie shoot to launch a new back-care mattress, you know it has to be special. In October 2017, the new King Koil Prince Collection with Tri-Zone Support enhanced feature was unveiled with Fattah Amin crowned the Prince of King Koil. This collaboration between the hottest rising star and the world-renowned bedding brand has sparked a new wave of excitement in the bedding industry.

“Now, it is with great pleasure to announce Fattah Amin as our new King Koil ambassador. We believe that Fattah will propel the King Koil brand to greater heights of brand awareness,” said Mr. Cheng Kai Hin, Senior General Manager of King Koil Malaysia.

Since 1898, the name “King Koil” has been synonymous with quality, comfortable, highvalue mattresses and foundations. Over the past 3 decades, King Koil mattresses has established itself as a household name and brand leader in the mattress market of Malaysia. From King Koil’s point of view, it is interesting to note that the King Koil brand and Fattah Amin have much in common, namely in quality, longevity, popularity and consumer demand.

“Today, we see a new chapter with the partnership of King Koil and Fattah Amin. This will surely create excitement in the bedding industry in Malaysia” Cheng added.

The new King Koil Prince Collection is the next generation of back-care mattresses, taking consumer mattresses to new heights of back-care. In view of consumer demand and market trends, King Koil has found it timely to develop this new Tri-Zone Back Support mattress.

“I am a firm believer that a good sleep with back support is a vital part of a healthy, active lifestyle. I am also a firm believer of King Koil Prince Collection mattresses. I can’t wait to sleep on the new Prince Collection mattress,” says Fattah Amin.

The King Koil Tri-Zone Back Support mattress is zoned for the best balance of comfort and support. The unique back support feature of the King Koil Tri-Zone model has 3 key zones with each having its own distinct functions and benefits:-

  • Zone 1 – Comfort for your upper body and neck to relieve neck and shoulder strain.
  • Zone 2 – Support for the lower back and waist that relieves hip and lower back strain.
  • Zone 3 – Supports weight from the upper leg area to the lower limps.

Each Zone functions to provide comfort and support alternately.

These unique “Support and Comfort Zone Layers” use reinforced Coirtex – a Natural Fibre material to provide necessary support to the lower back and pelvic areas, while its “Comfort Zone Layers” use luxurious upholstery layers such as high resilient PU foam to relieve strain on shoulders, hips and lower limbs.

There are 3 models for the new collection, Crystal, Sapphire and Diamond. In conjunction with the new product launch, the price of King Koil Prince Collection are competitively priced from RM1,199 to RM2,199 for a queen-sized mattress, with additional free gifts, including personalized autographed pillows from Fattah Amin, a true collector’s item.

The King Koil Prince Collection Sapphire mattress is shown here resting on a bedstead upholstered in blue fabric.

The King Koil Prince Collection Diamond mattress rests on a modern platform upholstered in grey fabric.

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