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Sky is the Limit: This Luxurious Loft-Inspired Home Soars to New Heights of Style

by creativehomex

Impeccable forms meet cosy luxury in IDr James Yong’s new home that he shares with his partner and fur kids. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the 3,960 sqft duplex features a bright and spacious interior with splendid views of the city.

James, a renowned interior designer and the founder of award-winning Interlink Design Solutions, adopted a luxurious Manhattan loft concept to maximise the two-level unit featuring a grand double-volume ceiling in the living area. As natural light plays a vital role in evoking the loft-like ambience, James opened up the main living area by removing the wall between the living and dining halls, resulting in an unobstructed flow of space to maintain visual continuity between these two key areas.

“Once you enter the unit, there is natural ventilation and plenty of light because there are large glass panels and sliding doors that connect to the balconies in both the living and dining area,” James explains.

To keep the spacious effect consistent, the designer also implemented an open-concept kitchen by taking down the wall. Sleek wood cabinetry with built-in appliances maintains the clean and streamlined look, while a central island adorned with dark marble for its countertop offers a perfect finishing touch to the elegant cooking space.

As a design aficionado, it’s no surprise that James personalised this incredible abode with his outstanding collection of exquisite designer furniture, oriental antiques and art frames. Every piece has been meticulously selected and placed strategically across the key living spaces to harmonise with the interior elements. For instance, in the living hall, a Gogan sofa from Moroso enhances the space with its sensual shape. Likewise, a Shanghai tip side table by Patricia Urquiola and Moroso contrasts beautifully with the modern sofa to evoke a unique atmosphere.

Other notable pieces in the living hall include Noguchi coffee tables, Poltrona Frau Archibald leather armchairs and an Eames lounge and ottoman from Herman Miller. Above, a gorgeous modern chandelier from Flos illuminates the double-volume space with an enchanting glow.

“My design approach was to mix and match with a curated selection of well-known Italian designer furniture. In addition, I have selected Flos Italy decorative lighting to accentuate spaces.” James elaborates.

One of James’ favourite areas is the dining area, where he brought together his treasured collection of antique prints, paintings, museum prints, limited-edition unglazed vitreous stoneware by Wedgewood and Royal Copenhagen Porcelain plates. As the art pieces vary in size and style, he redesigned them into frameworks and reconfigured the framed pieces into a feature wall composition to complement the dining room setting.

James’ loft-inspired home is truly a dream come true for him and his family. However, it was no easy feat to design the spaces, even when it was a personal project that he could develop according to his heart’s desire. “It’s harder to design a home for a designer because we are by profession full of ideas. The challenge is to make all these ideas coherent and work well within the space while omitting the ones that are less suitable and can be difficult to make choices. On the other hand, when we design for clients, we often work with one strong theme and can be very disciplined in doing so,” James says.


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