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GRM Composite Wood: Discover the Beauty and Elegance of Eco-Friendly Composite Wood

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Indoor or outdoor; wall, floor or ceiling, there are many ways that composite wood can enhance your home. Elegant and luxurious looking no matter where they are used, the material is not just versatile; it also offers consistent quality and finishing, which means it does not require sanding, priming, or sealing for internal wall or ceiling application. It’s also incredibly easy to install and maintain, making it the ideal material for the entire home. Moreover, it’s an eco-friendly material which provides a smart, efficient and earth-friendly alternative to conventional building materials.

Interior design: Nu Infinity

A composite wood trading company in Malaysia, GRM Composite Wood offers a wide range of quality composite wood products including wood pellets, flooring, decking, ceiling, louvre, cladding, wall panels, screens, railings, furniture and more. These products come with a host of benefits that add both aesthetic and functional value to your living spaces.

Durable and long-lasting, GRM Composite Wood is resistant to weather, water, fire and even insects like termites. It is also a non-hazardous material that is environmental-friendly and can be recycled efficiently. This material is paintable and can be fixed with screws or nails, which allows homeowners and designers to achieve a diverse range of design specifications.

While GRM composite wood products are perfect for outdoors spaces, it works wonderfully for indoor areas like the kitchen as well. As it is durable and water resistant, it is a great material for kitchen flooring. This material can also be used as internal panelling for your walls to bring a natural timber look to your space. For a touch of elegance, composite wood louvres for the windows infuse a warm and welcoming appearance to your spaces while interior ceilings can be turned into an eye-catching feature element using this this highly versatile material.

GRM uses Biowood, a beautiful, sustainable, and high-quality timber alternative. With its hollow structure design, GRM products are strong and sturdy. It is also cool during hot weather, which enhances the home environment efficiently. To date, GRM’s green-certified composite wood has been used in a plethora of residential and commercial projects across Malaysia.

Stylish Applications
GRM Composite Wood is water resistant, highly durable and easy to maintain, which makes it a wonderful material for every modern home. In this home, the semi-outdoor space features a beautiful composition of wood detailing, achieved using GRM Composite Wood.

Interior design: Nu Infinity

Versatile Material
GRM composite wood can be used in so many different ways. Whether it’s for the ceiling, flooring or even window louvres, this material adds a distinctive appeal to home spaces. As it’s easy to install and requires no priming or sanding, it makes way for many design possibilities.

Interior design: Nu Infinity

Eye-Catching Ceiling
If you want a dramatic ceiling feature, GRM composite wood is an ideal material to create a sleek and sophisticated ceiling. Appearing like natural timber, the material expresses a luxurious look at the same time.

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