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THIS LUXURY VILLA comprising eight bedrooms is a dream home that reflects high-end living without compromising on comfort and functional requirements. In this spacious abode, you can indulge yourself in a variety of leisure activities in the comfort of your own pace. From the swimming pool to gymnasium, theatre and billiard room, the fun, shall we say, is endless. The interior of the family room is portrayed in such elegance and refinement that will leave anyone in awe.  Likewise, the main dining area showcases a perfect amalgamation of modernity and class. The bedrooms and walk-in wardrobe simultaneously sing the same tune in an upscale affair. Beddings, table linens, curtains and soft furnishings of the finest fabrics can be seen gracing each and every room.



At the flip of a switch, the ambience in this villa is changed. Chandeliers with quality craftsmanship set the mood of the ambience and add a finesse touch to the interior. For social butterflies, the pool bar definitely is the perfect place for a chill-out and party.



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