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Trendy Office Designed for Maximum Productivity: GI Design

by creativehomex

With its refreshing workspace concept, this office is designed as a stylish workplace that promotes interaction and productivity amongst employees.

More and more modern workplaces are now designed as engaging spaces aimed at boosting employee’s productivity, morale and well-being. At C-Speed’s office located in Menara UOA, Bangsar South, these new workplace trends are integrated creatively in different spaces to create a harmonious work environment that is classy at the same time.

From the main entrance, the foyer leads to an ultra-chic reception area featuring a polished white curvilinear counter. On the side wall, a lounge area is set in between a curved partition to keep the sensual details consistent. Above, the wall also takes on a curvilinear form to enhance the stylish impact of the space.

A few steps away, the space opens into the main workspace where a series of unique desk systems are placed around an open layout. The placement of the workstations contributes to a more interactive environment where employees are encouraged to share and brainstorm their ideas with one another.

To give co-workers a more casual space to discuss and have informal discussions, the designers also included a brainstorming corner comprising colourful bean bags and a semi-circular chalkboard surface.

Instead of creating rooms enclosed by solid walls, the designers maintained the open concept by using glass walls for the meeting rooms and the breakout area. This ensures visual continuity from one space to another without compromising a sense of privacy.

The breakout room which features a cafe-inspired theme offers employees a pleasant space that they can relaxed over coffee or have their lunches.

In this office, interesting lighting pieces infuse the space with ample light while adding focal points in different areas. For instance, in one of the discussion zones, a drop-down lighting piece that matches the shape of the table below keys in a futuristic look. On the ceiling above the workspaces, lighting elements in triangle and circle shapes create a subtle yet attractive effect to bring out a warm and welcoming ambience.

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