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by creativehomex

In this residence located in Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, the design inspiration is simple – a fresh and unique concept influenced by squares, cubes and other geometric shapes. The living room adopts a feature wall consisting of little quirky squares in an assortment of greys which is further enhanced by a dark area rug with a similar square pattern. The modern seaters are kept in a soft dusky grey while striped pillows and a beech-coloured coffee table inject colour and print into the area. Moving on to the dining area, magnificent towering windows clothed in sheer draperies surrounds a beautiful composition of brown wishbone-styled chairs, a sleek white glass table and large amounts of sparkling mirrored surfaces.



Up in the spacious master bedroom, a fabulous area rug catches the eye with its delightful assortment of gray triangles, making it the perfect background to highlight a pair of white lounge seaters with elegant black trimmings while clean-lined furniture and lush soft furnishing completes the soothing scheme. The other bedrooms carry palettes filled with gorgeous muted greys with pops of canary yellows and cherry reds while at the same time, they also feature the beauty and symmetry of geometric shapes and patterns.



Interior design firm
Luna Solutions Sdn Bhd

iN DESIGN Issue 48



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