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Equilateral Design: The Roof Studio

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Chaos succumbs to ordered modernity in this terraced link house.

A standard terraced link home is given a simplistic – and yet luxurious, modern décor by The Roof Studio. The view from the entryway presents a scene streaked with the stringent lines of modern design, and punctuated with the diffused glow of minimalist lighting fixtures. At the far end of the open layout, a reproduction of Jason Miller’s ten-bulb Modo chandelier hangs over a distinctly modern dining table, while antique pendant lights in black wrought iron cages hang over the kitchen island counter in the background.

Vivid Contrast: A bright shade of red is introduced with the incorporation of a lone armchair, against the neutral-coloured background of the seating lounge.

Sectioned off by a chaise lounge set upholstered in grey suede, the neutral coloured seating lounge features an inviting spread of long and dark fibres in a high-pile carpet, a wooden entertainment wall flanked by vertical mirrored panels, and a circular coffee table transporting the white surroundings to the foreground. A restrained dose of colour is injected into the scene with the incorporation of a lone armchair upholstered with fabric dyed in a vivid shade of red.

In the adjacent dining space, an expressionist’s monochromatic brushstrokes are captured, framed, and repeated in rotation for variation against the plain grey wall. While the central alignment of the monochromatic frames reflect the position of the black glass dining table in a comforting display of symmetry, the chaotic brushstrokes are echoed in the uniquely-shaped dining table’s legs – with the surrounding floor space preserved due to their convergence into ebonised plinths.

Monochromatic Expression: The dining space is composed out of simplistic forms in black, white, and grey – with a minimalist chandelier hanging overhead.

The preference for order over chaos is demonstrated more overtly in the smaller bedrooms, where straight lines unify headboards, desks, and window blinds along a common horizon. In one of these bedrooms, an imperceptible horizontal line bisects the room at a height to match the upholstered headboard, with the top half of the wall kept plain and rendered blue in an apparent tribute to the sky. In direct contrast to the ordered compositions of these bedrooms, the plain walls serve as backgrounds for bedsides punctuated by hanging pendant lights, with the exposed bulbs casting chaotic branches of rectilinear shadows through their polyhedral cages.

The master bedroom embodies a symmetrical arrangement – with the exceptions being the armchair and accompanying end table situated in the corner, and the opposing lengths of windows and cabinetry occupying the sides of the space.

Geometric Adornment: Two iconic pendant lights encased in wooden cages of geometric design are suspended at the bedside to illuminate the space and lend the ordered assembly a measure of alluring chaos.

Unified Horizon: A subtle dividing line brings the bedstead into alignment with the other fittings in the space, with the top half painted blue to represent the sky.

In contrast to the asymmetrical elements, the central alignment of the space is reinforced with the bedstead reflected in the recessed tray ceiling and grounded with a uniformly black high-pile carpet.

Ordered Symmetry: In contrast to the symmetrical composition of the bedstead and plaster ceiling, the sides of this master bedroom are deliberately kept asymmetrical for balance – with drapery over the windows on one side, wardrobes on the other, and a seating arrangement in the corner.

Innovative Lifestyle

The Roof Studio specialize in urban living styles designs for both residential and commercial project. They create various unique yet functional interior designs and deliver superior interior designs artwork, which won numerous awards both locally and internationally. The Roof Studio provides professional and dedicated services including Interior consultancy & ideas, design & construct, custom making furniture, design proposal in 3D sketches and many more. With a complete set of services prior, during and after project completion, clients are ensured to go home with ease and great satisfaction every day.

Ken Thong
Venue: GoldenHome Kitchen @ Glenmarie
Kitchen Appliances: Teka Küchentechnik Malaysia
Photographer: Gavin Yam

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