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Majestic Living Areas Meet Leisure Spaces in this Bungalow: One Space Studio

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Luxurious at first impression, this bungalow is also brimming with a unique personality, thanks to a combination of different textures and elegant details.

An earthy yet sophisticated theme brings out a refined ambience in this bungalow designed by One Space Studio Sdn Bhd. Throughout a series of well-designed spaces, the designers ingeniously incorporated luxurious touches that put this home on a higher level of tasteful elegance.

In the living room, the palette is based on neutral shades comprising browns and greys as well as clean lines and lush textures. A large sofa set with brown leather upholstery is placed in the centre with a grey rug pulling the furniture pieces together. With a combination of soft and solid features, these elements complement each other to set off a cosy atmosphere. One of the defining traits of the living area is a dark brown wall adorned with lighting features to create illuminated ‘waves’ on the surface. For the TV wall, the designer went for white marble with light grey veins to create an eye-catching effect.

To ensure the design stays cohesive, the dark brown wall with wavy details is also part of the adjoining dining area. Here, furniture is kept simple yet sophisticated, accentuating the sleek elegance of the home. A dark-toned rectangular dining table and upholstered chairs complement the minimalist palette while blending with the materials used in the dry kitchen. Dressed in polished white countertop and cabinetry, warm wood finishing is used in the kitchen to offset the monochromatic effect.

In the master bedroom, softer elements dominate the space, but sophisticated textures and materials are used prominently to maintain the luxurious theme. The black upholstered headboard is a welcome contrast to the gold trimmings and wood detailing on the surrounding walls.

Adjacent to the sleeping quarters is the ensuite bathroom decked in pristine white. A custom-made divider which comes complete with louvered windows and cabinets below separates the bedroom from the bathing space while keeping to a classic outlook.

This large-scale home also features several leisure spaces including a home theatre that comes with an elegant cabinet showcasing the owners’ liquor collection as well as a personal gym that incorporates a pool table.

As the owners wanted their own space to do their work at home, the designers transformed two rooms into exquisitely decorated home offices.

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