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Elegant Edge: Nu Infinity

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A harmony of creative ideas highlights this house, infusing a sophisticated yet eclectic ambience that’s second to none.

With its irregular form, the interior design of this home requires a unique approach. Here’s where Nu Infinity applied their extensive design skills to create series of living spaces that are out-of-the box yet warm and welcoming. “Instead of being deterred by the odd angular shape of the space, it served as a perfect canvas for us to apply dynamic forms,” the design team from Nu Infinity says. “This plays well into our hands of making the occupants feel right at home.”

In the living hall, a chic green sofa anchors the room while leading the eyes to the feature wall that accommodates the TV. “The TV wall has been carefully divided to even out the space between the short foyer and the living area,” the designers say. “To downplay the size of the TV cabinet, subtle stone-like tiles in large sizes are applied to the wall with a minimalist upright cabinet with drawers sitting on the floor.”

The edgy minimalist style extends to the kitchen which features a bold concrete-like frame that comprises the breakfast counter. Beyond this frame, dark cabinets add depth to the space, complemented by an elegant central island and a streamlined backsplash opening that offers views of the wet kitchen. “An interesting approach is applied in the kitchen, whereby we decided to expose and link both the dry and wet kitchens through a backsplash opening, letting natural light through – giving it a mirror image of the sink and tap,” the designers explain further. “The sculpture-like island was specifically designed to be inclusive and conversational. The mass of the top is given a floating illusion supported by a thin black steel rod.”

Coming back to the dining area, a rectangular eight-seater dining set blends with the rest of the interior theme. This space receives natural light from the semi-outdoor space and is kept clean and clutter-free to promote a sense of cosy spaciousness. Over on the side wall, custom-designed display cabinets highlight the space with a personalized ambience.

In the master bedroom, the designers have instilled a resort-like atmosphere while keeping to the design theme through a palette of greys for the soft furnishing. “The general approach of the design carries through into the master bedroom, which is made to feel like a retreat section of the home. Grey tones layered onto natural solid timber flooring sets the mood to adjourn to bed,” the designers say.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Bumper 2019 vol. 14

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