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Elegance from Simplicity: Space In Design

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A luxurious décor composed with the most basic of ingredients: a neutral palette, modern furnishings, and an abundance of right-angled decorative lines.

Space In Design demonstrates the assembly of a reserved and elegant interior using rudimentary materials such as stone and wood in limited quantities, while keeping furnishings and decorations to a neutral palette composed of white, grey, and brown. This formula is first presented at the front of the home, where visitors stepping beyond the matte black door and into the foyer alcove are greeted with a vast expanse of white floor tiles stretching to the far end of the open floor plan.

Shades of Slate: The receiving lounge echoes the wispy grey streaks of the decorative stone panel on the wall with the selection of drapery and an L-shaped sofa set upholstered in fabrics of a similar shade.

An L-shaped sofa set frames the seating lounge with its open end oriented towards the foyer in an inviting configuration, its grey fabric upholstery echoing the wispy grey streaks from the decorative stone panel on the wall. A diminutive coffee table takes the centre-stage in the seating lounge, briefly interrupting the white expanse with its compact profile and the curved lines of its wooden legs standing in contradiction against the quadratic geometry prevailing through the rest of the home.

The division between the seating lounge and adjacent dining area is uniquely affected with a compromise between the open floor plan and a need for demarcation – a narrow wall panel stands where a full-length wall would have been installed, with gaps on either end acting as see-through niches and mirrored shelves to retain the sense of an open space. The wall panel is subtly decorated with circular forms apparently depicting the curling tips of palm fronds, presented against a background of cream to complement the largely white décor of the ground floor.

The dining space is granted a visual expansion by way of a reflective finish on the rear of the wall panel, its dark sheen contributing to an arrangement of monochromatic contrast against the white walls and floor. In tandem with the wall panel’s reflective side, dark shades of wood are used to accent the ceiling tray edges and to affect a faux archway between the dining and dry kitchen spaces. The demarcated dining area comfortably accommodates a circular dining table to seat up to eight diners in high-backed chairs upholstered in grey. The dining table and its functional centrepiece are punctuated by a cluster of exposed bulbs stemming from a circular base to mirror the shape of the furniture below.

Neutral Tones: The neutral colour palette is extended to the kitchens and dining space with white forming the background on which black, grey, and brown serve as the accenting colours.

The arrays of simple lines and rectangular forms prevail throughout most of the home, demarcating areas and providing definition with a monochromatic palette in the dry kitchen island counter, decorative window louvers, staircases, passageways, bedrooms, in addition to both work and leisure spaces.

Quadratic Composition: Right-angled lines decorate the majority of spaces in this home, from the louvered exterior windows, decorative feature walls of bedrooms, to the recessed ceilings of communal spaces.

Decorative Grids: The basic grid configuration used in the headboard of this bedroom, is repeated in the tiling arrangement of the en-suite bathroom, creating a unifying theme that connects the two distinct spaces.

Coffee and Cream: The colour palette of the master bedroom evokes imagery and imagined scents of a café latte, with decorative wall panelling in dark brown contained by wide swathes of cream-coloured walls and floors.

Linear Definition: Simple lines provide necessary definition for most of the home’s furnishings, as can be seen in this bedroom and study – where the expanses of white are broken up and given depth with an array of horizontal and vertical lines.

Cooling Slats: The linear motif manifests on exterior windows lined with horizontal slats to create an illusory expansion in the perceived width of interior spaces, while maximising access to sunlight and keeping the heat out.

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