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CH Events | Daikin Malaysia Launches the R32 Discovery Campaign on Wheels

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Daikin Malaysia unveiled a mobile showroom on 4th December this year to demonstrate the cooling potential in their latest residential air conditioners utilising the next-generation refrigerant known to industry insiders as R32.

Image Credit: Daikin Malaysia

While the R32 refrigerant has been a component of common gas mixtures used in air conditioners in past years, as a pure refrigerant it is recognized as a more environmentally-friendly gas destined to become the global standard. With no measurable effect on the Earth’s ozone layer and a significantly (30 percent) lower potential for contributing towards global warming when compared to its predecessors, the R32 refrigerant is set to replace the more environmentally-damaging refrigerants known as R22 and R410, with a complete transition targeted for 2020.

Joining the world in a collective effort to stem the tide of accelerated climate change, the global manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment first pioneered the use of the R32 refrigerant in Japan in 2012 and demonstrated the potential reach of the mobile showroom in Singapore before bringing the concept to Malaysia. Daikin Malaysia’s general manager, Lawrence Song Yew Beng, explains, “The low environmental impact of R32 will no doubt make it the future refrigerant in the industry. So together with our Daikin mobile truck, we will be able to journey across Malaysia for the three months to raise awareness on the major impact of global warming while introducing our state-of-the-art, energy-saving inverter technology using the R32 refrigerant.”

In addition to the significant reduction in environmental impact, the R32 refrigerant has been noted to demonstrate more favourable thermal conductivity properties when compared with current and prospective refrigerants, lending itself to its use in Daikin’s smaller high-efficiency units equipped with Innovaire Technology, requiring less energy to produce a comfortable and cooling sensation.

Image Credit: Daikin Malaysia

In a bid to spread the message and enable potential customers beyond the extents of the Klang Valley to experience the air-conditioners using the new refrigerant, Daikin announced a road-show using the new mobile showroom, commencing from Prima Avenue in Cyberjaya on 5th December and arriving in Kepong’s Metropolitan Park on 10th December. The Daikin mobile showroom is scheduled to tour the rest of the peninsular over the next three months, with updates on its next destination posted every fortnight on their Facebook page.

“We, as the number one air-conditioning company in Malaysia, will continue to provide you with award-winning products, superior after-sales service, but most importantly to contribute to the sustainable and comfortable living environment for your home.” says Lawrence Song Yew Beng.

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