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Compact Contemporary: A Minimalist Studio Apartment with a Tasteful, Playful Side

by creativehomex

Designed by award-winning Russian architecture firm Da Bureau, this cosy studio apartment located in St. Petersburg cleverly and playfully infuses both stark minimalism with a splash of colour from everyday objects into its design.

Featuring a contemporary design language, this residential project is inspired by the aesthetics of clean and fluid smooth lines with nuances of zen minimalist, stunningly revealed in a compact-sized 38 m2 living space. The interior is tastefully decorated with specially curated in-house furniture and haute-couture designed furniture brands like Muto chairs and Fild lamps. One of its most significant features is the open ceiling which is excellent for maximizing spaciousness while helping to bring in both natural sunlight and air.

Inside, many white panels can be visibly seen in every part of the space – from bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms to the dining room which is designed to hide the apartment’s functionality. Coincidentally, this defining element is cleverly combined with a trio of colour-matching lamps tastefully hung above the wooden dining table. Despite the interior’s initial lack of space, the use of white panels helps to create the illusion of space even though it directly contrasts with the earthy-colour wooden floors. Wood-inspired floors are utilised to infuse a sensation of warmth as well as a timeless appeal.

The living room presents a minimalist appearance that brilliantly and creatively showcases the interior’s surrounding sparse but stylishly chic-contemporary mix of furniture and decorations. For example, you can immediately spot the room’s main centerpieces right away, an eye-catching leopard-motif mat lying across the wooden floor.


On the right-hand corner, a set of colour-blocked sofas are placed against the pristine white walls, further accentuating the stark contrast of the two different tones due to the furniture’s unique pop of colour. In the centre of the living room, a monochromatic-looking coffee table can be seen as the room’s anchor, helping to maximise the space while giving the entire atmosphere a clean feel. On the left end corner of the room, a casually stylish Muto-designed lounge chair serves as the perfect accessory for those lounging moments after a hectic day.


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