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Curvaceous Delights: Jashen Interior

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Stringent lines of modern geometry sharpened in pristine white, softened by flesh tones, and merged with circular focal points to uplifting effect.

Jashen Interior creates a delectable show of light and skin tones using nothing more than the standard neutral palette alongside the nuanced use of lighting fixtures and sunlight. The view from the entrance of this spacious home presents the eye with an intermingling wash of warm peach and cold white that saturates the open layout.

The pools of white and peach coloured light alternately draw attention to the dramatic stone feature wall in the seating lounge, across the circular dining space, and to the inviting bar alcove at the far end.

Striking Features: An array of visually striking decorative features is presented in the open layout from the perspective of the foyer, with white and peach intermingling in dramatic plays of light and marble.

A curved set of interconnected recliners and sectional sofas upholstered in dark grey leather cast a striking contrast against the wash of white light in the seating lounge. The ceiling is brought closer to the epitome of colourless with bright recessed lighting and white sheer curtains, with the footprint echoed and the gap in tone bridged by a generous carpet adorned with leaf-like blades of blue-grey. A metallic grey ceiling fan echoes the dark shade of the upholstery below, drawing the eye up to the rounded rectangle ceiling trays that serve as this space’s focal points.

The seating lounge’s marbled feature wall presents swirling clouds of peach, orange, and white, mixing on the decorative panel of stone to indicate the tones to follow. The open layout is partially divided by a low partition projecting from the corner wall in the seating lounge, the simplistically adorned surface serving to extend the plain background and contain the bulky presence of the seating furniture in an envelope of white.

Circular Core: The rest of this home’s open layout branches out and around the dining space, with the circular dining arrangement mirrored on the ceiling and punctuated with a classical chandelier.

An inviting wash of peach-coloured light saturates the adjacent dining space with the strategic use of warm light spilling out from the nearby stand of shelves, sunlight filtered through sheer and lace, in addition to a crystalline chandelier of traditional design. The chandelier punctuates the space from the centre of a circular ceiling tray, the shape echoing the marbled dining surface and the accompaniment of wooden dining chairs.

A nearby alcove is painted in inviting tones using the same palette of light as the dining space, but the use of shimmering surfaces is scaled back to achieve a refined balance of inviting peach tones paired with darker surfaces for striking contrast.

Inviting Ambience: Strategic lighting, marbled countertops, and the contrast created between the dark cabinets and the flesh-toned background are set into a fine balance to imbue this home’s bar with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The palette returns to pristine white for practical purposes in the wet kitchen, with the pale skin tone relegated to the backsplash to accent the space, while the floors are rendered in the shade of aged birch and the countertops in white marble with dramatic grey veins.

Wistful Veil: A roller blind streaked in red filters the sunlight in the kitchen, bringing attention to the flesh-toned backsplash while softening the immaculate white cabinetry and the dark veins of the marbled stone countertops.

Aquatic Immersion: A wall rendered in pale turquoise and dry-brushed speckles of white creates an impression of a foaming tropical sea in the secluded family lounge.

Sunny Dispositions: Bursts of colour, typically indicative of youthful personalities, are fittingly introduced in the children’s bedrooms.

Designed to Impress

Formed in 1992, Jashen Interior Design’s experienced founders intended to establish a team of the nation’s most preferred designers and decorators. This firm’s attention to quality and detail in their craftsmanship and material selection for every project has impressed their clientele. The team works closely with their customers to achieve every project’s objectives, and fulfil these customers’ needs and expectations. Featuring a group of well-trained and experienced design professionals, they have the know-how to assist each client in designing a dream home that caters to his or her lifestyle.

From left to right: Siew Wei, Kei, Kar Shin, Yiki Teoh, Sue Ang, and Hui Jin
Venue: GoldenHome Kitchen @ Glenmarie
Kitchen Appliances: Teka Küchentechnik Malaysia
Photographer: Gavin Yam

Jashen Interior Design Sdn Bhd
110, Jalan Batu Unjur 1
Taman Bayu Perdana
41200 Klang
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

+603 3324 4867
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jashenidsales@gmail.com / enquiry@jashenhome.com

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