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Creative Infusion: Hoo Design Resources

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A whimsical, playful ambience highlights this home, complementing the minimalist-meets-maximum impact theme that enhances its living spaces.

Dark tones against light neutrals express a sophisticated sense of aesthetics in this home designed by Hoo Design Resources. Complemented by delightful accessories and an innovative play of materials, a unique interior theme is prevalent, creating a personalized ambience instantly.

The living room is kept to a modern minimalist outlook, achieved using a dark grey leather sofa along with a sleek coffee table and side table. Underfoot, the lush carpet puts in a softer touch while designer lighting illuminates the space with a cosy glow. Opposite, the TV wall stands out with its wood backdrop donning an eye-catching herringbone motif. As a finishing touch, custom-made shelving that stretches all the way towards the dining area completes the minimalist-meets-maximum impact concept that the designers were going for.

In the dining room, dark grey concrete-like panels envelope the walls and ceiling, infusing a raw quality that juxtaposes with the polished flooring. A solid table accompanied by dark-coloured chairs is complemented by a set of three whimsical-looking pendants overhead. More whimsical accessories ensue over at the open shelves which showcase the owners’ collection of helmets, figurines and other paraphernalia. On the side, cut-out alphabet blocks in bold hues add in pops of colour to the space. Open shelving is also implemented in the dry kitchen which takes on a brighter palette comprising earthy tones. Here, cabinets line the walls in a well-composed fashion, instilling a minimalist effect.

Over at the master bedroom, things take a dramatic turn with plenty of visual elements adorning the space. For the feature wall, the entire surface is swathed with sleek black marquina marble. Italy leather bedframe matches the timber console and the tailor-made wardrobe next to it. On the other side of the wall, modern pop art originally authorized by Andy Warhol puts in a lively playful touch. The same decorative effect is seen in the work and play room which is charmingly decorated with open shelving accommodating designer toys and other fun accessories. However, for the guest room, the decor simmers to a quieter and simpler ambience with beige bedding and a serene colour palette.

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