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Colour Me Love: How to Create a Romantic Ambience in Your Living Spaces


Beyond typical candles and rose petals, a subtly romantic decor is suitable for any room, any day of the year. Though many often think of soft pastels and ornate accessories when it comes to adding romance to a room, bold colours and simplistic style can also make for a sophisticated and unexpectedly amorous decor.

A place to think, the living area

Here’s a guide from Dulux colour experts on using bold colours to create a personalised space that you will fall in love with.

Calming place to dream
Seeking somewhere to get lost in the moment? Combine the earthy notes of Spiced Honey, also known as Crème Brulee (00YY 26/220), with muted pastels, warm woods and tactile textiles to create the perfect soothing space for rest and reflection. As the Colour of the Year for 2019, this warm amber shade has been chosen to reflect a new mood of optimism and positivity.

A place to dream, the living area

Tip: Spiced honey is designed to be a versatile shade that can be paired with different colours to achieve a variety of looks depending on the atmosphere that you want to create in your home – from soothing and calm, to cosy or vibrant. Get inspired by Dulux’s four ColourFutures 2019 palettes here which incorporate Spiced Honey as the hero shade in different interior styles and settings.

Green with envy
Design a space that makes your friends go green with envy with this bold shade. Though not a usual choice of colour when adding romance to a room, the use of deeper jewel-toned greens can create a unique sense of boho-eclectic style in the home. When paired with wood tones and a variety of plants, the result is a mindful sanctuary that will reconnect your love for nature.

A place to love, the living room

Tip: Use several different light sources within a space instead of one bright light overhead. This helps to highlight different points around the room, creating depth and a slightly mysterious, romantic ambiance with shadow play.

Swooning over velvet
Skip the ordinary and set hearts racing with material pleasures! Dulux Ambiance™ Velvet, inspired by opulent and sleek fabrics, is an easy way to dress up your walls with sophistication. Part of the Dulux Ambiance Special Effects paints series that offers a wide range of finishes and unique textures, it comes in a wide selection of 91 shades – from warmer hues for a rich yet cosy ambience, to cooler shades for pure elegance – guaranteed to leave you spoilt for choice.

A place to love, the bedroom

Tip: If you’re unsure if the paint colour chosen would complement your furniture, simply download the Dulux Visualizer app for free to see the colours come to live on the walls before painting.

Cocooned in love
If you love surrounding yourself with people and things that you love, consider this warm and inviting palette of terracotta orange and rusty reds. With its mix of pigment-rich shades, combined with simple wooden furniture, woven baskets and pottery, it creates a space where you and your loved ones can be at ease and simply enjoy each other’s presence. Experiment with this colour palette in the kitchen, the true heart of the home where time is spent as a family cooking and dining together.

A place to love, the kitchen

Tip: Skip the hassle and take the fuss-free route of revamping your space with Dulux Professional painting services! Learn how you can get started on a journey with us here.

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