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by creativehomex

Companies these days are looking toward workplaces that provide creative freedom and optimized results. Since we spend a major portion of our existence in the office environment, the design of office interiors is as important as that of our home. Keeping this in mind, our latest offering will definitely energize the air and motivate the employees to work better. In the reception area, a warm dramatic ambience is created, thanks to the eye-catching strips of seasonal solid wood, running across the floor, wall and ceiling. Combined with a snazzy counter design and impressive lighting, visitors will surely stop in their tracks to take in the breathtaking simplicity of the whole area.  The same wood treatment is also used in the discussion room, where a simple long table is flanked with six stylish swivel chairs and plain white cabinetry.



Minimalist, yet warm and inviting at the same time, the main office area, employs a bright-white scheme to enhance the space visually. Black chairs and a grey geometric-print carpet add colour interest and also anchor the whole space, while randomly-placed fluorescent tubes create a witty, zig-zag pattern above. Not only that, an abundance of natural light and ventilation is also incorporated in the design, which is a great way to cut back on the long hours of electricity supply needed otherwise.




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iN DESIGN Issue 46


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