Home Bathroom Classy Configurations: A Harmonious Balance of Wood and Stone

Classy Configurations: A Harmonious Balance of Wood and Stone

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A stately décor symmetrically composed of bold marble features and subtle shades of sandstone reflecting various hues of golden light.

IDS Interior presents harmoniously balanced spaces in this family home, echoing conventional design wisdom by stringently adhering to rarely spoken rules governing symmetry and groupings of threes. The devotion to symmetry is first introduced in the main seating lounge, where a sofa and matching pair of armchairs with black button-back upholstery are cardinally oriented in front of a white marble feature wall. Acting as the central pivot of this space is a round glass-topped coffee table, its shape directly reflected by the glittering rings of a lighting fixture hanging from the recessed ceiling.

This rectangular arrangement is joined by a centrally positioned console underscoring the feature wall, along with a pair of unassuming sculpture pedestals fit for art galleries, and a pair of low side tables, all hosting a variety of decorative figurines. The extents of this seating lounge are further defined by a long-fibre carpet depicting the tips of feathers and lengths of white sheer and grey blackout curtains across the windows.

Contrasting Realms: The internal dining space puts diners in a refined atmosphere, while the exterior dining set invites a more laid-back approach to meals.

The pale grey walls continue across the space to the adjacent dining area, where lightly-toned wood panelling is introduced to frame a length of glass sliding doors on the opposite wall. A dining table topped with a long elliptical glass surface occupies this space, but parting the patio doors reveals an alternative dining space surrounded by fauna and rough textures in grey stone.

Diverse Dining: The dining area presents multiple seating options in close proximity, a round dining table for formal meals, and a high-perch counter or outdoor seating for more casual affairs.

The adjacent kitchens occupy spaces designated in direct proportion to both the interior and exterior dining spaces, with the dry kitchen separated from the interior dining space by a wide mantle of white marble, presenting another casual alternative for taking in meals. The wet kitchen prudently segregated by walls, accessible from the dry kitchen through a set of practical glass sliding doors, and from the exterior dining space through another dedicated doorway.

Stately Arrangements: The deliberate use of symmetry is applied in the positioning of furnishings and decorations in the upper floor’s seating lounge to form an intimate sanctuary for relaxation.

Reverence for symmetry is transported to a seating lounge on the upper floor of this home, where matching arm chairs and balanced proportions are maintained. This family lounge presents a television wall in white marble – apparently designed to match the width of an intimate fireplace and framed on both sides by dark brown drapery. The walls are decorated with metallic trim, creating rectangles that are symmetrically reflected on opposing walls. A framed display of an intricately adorned ceramic plate is similarly reflected on the opposite wall.

The theme of symmetry continues in the bedchambers of this home, where each bedstead is centrally positioned to ensure an equal amount of bedside space on both sides. Symmetry gives way for the sake of personalisation in other furnishings, enabling the placement of desks and dressing tables in cosy nooks for the comfort and convenience of the occupants.

Operative Suites: The bedrooms are fully equipped with workstations positioned in close proximity to plush bedsteads. The more femininely decorated suite is furnished with two separate desks, one for work and the other for dressing.

Luxurious Appointments: Shades of sandstone and gold saturate this bedroom, seeping into a glass-enclosed space dedicated to a dressing table, while the transparent glass curtain walls permit an unhindered view into a bathroom elegantly bedecked in white and black marble.

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