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Zeitgeist Elegance: Surface R

by chxadmin

A demonstration of modern opulence painted in the neutral palette – delectably warmed with natural wood grains and enlivened by measured doses of reflective materials.

Decorated by Surface R, this home presents a relatively narrow open layout that opens out to a cavernous seating lounge. A double-height decorative feature wall – constructed from precast concrete panels, stretches up and into the airwell above, with the shade of concrete echoed in the long grey and white fibres of the speckled carpet on the floor. Providing a reflective sheen from the air is an iconic 30-bulb chrome chandelier suspended from the high ceiling, known by the model number 2097, and designed by Gino Sarfatti for Flos.

Eclectic Lounge: The seating lounge is an amalgamation of seemingly disparate styles blended together in a harmonious balance of industrial and tropical elements.

The lounge is asymmetrically furnished with a chaise lounge set and a sofa upholstered in a subtle shade of grey to maximise the narrow confines of the neutral-coloured space. In contrast to the modern aesthetics of the space, a coffee table with live edges is held low above the grey and white carpet by boxy metal legs. Beyond the conventional stairway of wood steps, white plaster risers, and mild steel balustrades, is a hallway leading to the conjoined dry kitchen and dining space. The mirrored panels on the receiving faces of the dry kitchen’s island counter project into the passage, beneath a trio of tubular pendant lights, to create a gleaming point of contrast against the matte white corridor.

Minimalist Flavour: Lightweight designs of fixtures, such as the common tubular pendant lights and Lindsey Adelman’s iconic Agnes chandelier, provide illumination to the conjoined kitchen and dining area in minimalist style.

The passage opens out to a scene divided in two: the left half is devoted to the modern aesthetics of metallic surfaces cut in straight lines and right angles, and the right half takes on a warmer tone with a robust wooden surface held aloft by black steel legs of minimalist design. Above the organic grains of the wood surface and accompanying chairs hangs a bronze-finished, 14-bulb variation of the Agnes Chandelier designed by Lindsey Adelman – while a much-reproduced print of Audrey Hepburn striking a coy pose appoints the wall in the background.

The operative side of the kitchen is sequestered beyond a set of transparent sliding doors, the brightly lit pale grey stone walls and potted greenery on the white countertop simulating an outdoor space that would not would not have been recognised as a wet kitchen if it not for the reflective grey cabinets hidden beyond the doorway.

The neutral palette is extended upstairs and into the private spaces to render the master bedroom in near-complete whiteness, affecting a distinctly feminine space. The uniformity of the modern lines and the neutral palette is broken up with the inclusion of a grey and white carpet previously seen in the seating lounge, in addition to the thoughtful lines that segregate the headboard and the opposite wall into sections of elegant proportions.

Elegant Proportions: The reflective panels, mirror-backed display niches, and neutral-coloured walls in the master bedroom are cut into long rectangles for eye-pleasing proportions.

Framed in Light: Hanging above a projecting wood surface that acts as the dressing table, the illuminated frame of the mirror echoes the décor of the bedroom – with glass windows and mirrored panels bordered in white.

Comprehensive Design Specialist

Established in the year 2008, Surface R is a Malaysia-based interior design firm that has grown from strength to strength under the leadership of its founder, Stanley Leong and principal designer, Sam Leong. The firm’s ultimate joy is to provide its esteemed clients with complete “head-to-toe” designs and gorgeously crafted projects.

From left to right: Chewyee, Ying Hoon, Stanley Leong, Sam Leong, and Stacy Low
Venue: King Koil Boutique @ IPC Mall
Photographer: Gavin Yam

Surface R
25-1, Jalan Mahogani 5
Bandar Botanic Capital
41200 Klang
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

+603 3323 4679
+603 3323 4195
art.surface@gmail.com / admin@surface-r.com

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