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Classic Beauty: Latitude Design Sdn Bhd

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Lush and cosy with a touch of minimalism, this beauty saloon expresses an air of exclusive aesthetics to match their brand identity.

To bring out a classic elegant look for VOW Laser Aesthetic beauty saloon, Latitude Design Sdn Bhd brought together a feminine yet contemporary palette of pastel shades, sleek materials and chic finishes. At the reception, the walls are dressed in classic white panels to maintain a minimalist appearance. The counter takes on the same treatment, highlighted by a wood surface on the top. Overhead, three modern lamps cast a cosy glow to the space.

Towards the side, a guest seating area comprising a pair of pink armchairs and a discussion table accompanied by three chairs offers visitors a place to talk to the saloon’s consultants before proceeding to the treatment rooms. The designers also included a built-in display cabinet showcasing the saloon’s range of beauty and skincare collection. As the space is adjacent to the windowfront, the area receives ample natural light, resulting in a welcoming ambience.

A hallway with grey drapes on the side of the reception leads visitors to the four treatment rooms. As VOW’s signature services are their laser treatments, each room is well-facilitated with a comfortable massage table and the latest equipment to ensure quality treatments. Rooms are kept bright, open and cosy through the use of light wood flooring and creamy white walls. In lieu of doors, black drapes are used to close off the entrance to the treatment rooms.

There is also a relaxing living area incorporated within the saloon for customers to chill out at they wait for their treatment sessions or after they have completed their treatments. Two grey sofas with pink pillows complemented by a brown coffee table anchor the space. On the wall, a TV airing VOW’s brand story and latest treatments give visitors more information about the products and services available at the saloon.

Throughout the space, potted indoor plants are placed strategically to create a fresh and lively atmosphere. Lighting is also an essential part of this saloon to imbue spaces with a sense of luxurious comfort.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Bumper 2019 vol. 14

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