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9th June 2014,

From software architect to photographer to Nanoblock brick artist, Christopher Tan is a living example of the old saying, ‘when you chase your dream, the sky is the limit’. With successful creations of over 200 distinctive designs that highlights popular culture, eccentric art and architecture; it’s no wonder that he now has a strong fan base on social media platforms such Blogger, Facebook and Instagram. Read on to find out what is the story behind his big love for these petite bricks.


Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a geek with a passion for tiny bricks and burnt meat. Yes, my love for tiny bricks is only rivalled by my love for all forms of burnt meat! Apart from creating Nanoblock art, I also pursue other artistic endeavours like photography.

How did you come across these cute Nanoblock bricks?
It was back in 2011, when Nanoblock bricks were first introduced internationally. Personally I’ve always loved building things, so tiny building blocks were simply perfect! You could say it was love at first sight.


What stirred your passion for it?
When I first started, I was just building for myself, then I created a blog to share my designs. Over time, my fan base started to grow and when I see how much others love my designs, it just pushed me to keep doing more!

Do you have any favourite masterpiece?
I generally build things that I already like, so naturally, I like the things I create … But if I had to choose, it would probably be the iconic Apple Store and Steve Jobs sculpture. Oh, and I love my R2-D2 and Stormtrooper … and … well there are just too many!

What inspires you to come up with new ideas for Nanoblock creations?
My inspiration comes from everywhere, usually quite randomly. Much of what I’ve built were inspired by popular culture and interesting architecture. I also get a ton of requests from fans.

How do you usually get started on building with Nanoblock bricks?
I usually study the picture of the object that I want to work on first, at the mean time analyzing how the 3D will look like, then I’ll move on to build the rough shape, and then followed by the details. It’s very much like how a sculptor does it.


What are some of the challenges you face in pursuing this as your career?
Well firstly, there’s the thing about trying to make a living by being an artist, which is not easy. What adds on to the challenge is when you’re trying to do so being an artist who uses Nanoblock, something even less mainstream. If you tell people you are a photographer or painter, they’d understand. But when you tell them you’re a brick artist, you usually get a blank stare. Luckily for me, I’ve built up quite a big following over the years, and before I made the jump to do this full time, I’ve already been getting quite a lot of work enquiries (mostly from advertising and PR agencies), so I guess that pretty much gave me the confidence to go with the flow.

Then there is also the fact that most clients don’t understand how much time and work goes into creating Nanoblock designs. A lot of people wildly underestimate how many bricks go into building Nanoblock creations because they’re so tiny. So I usually tell them to go out and buy a Nanoblock set to experience it for themselves.


What’s next on your bucket list?
Well I’m considering doing caricatures of popular figures in Nanoblock form. Probably explore more of the artistic side of things apart from popular culture.




Simply log on www.elite-toys.com or even better,
check out Chris’ blog www.inanoblock.com as he conducts
pre-order sales from time to time. You’ll also be happy to find build instructions for Chris’ Nanoblock creations there!

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