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Beyond the Surface: Nu Infinity

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Small details play a big role in creating a unique home accented with a charming palette and little surprises.

It’s a home built to fulfil even the most minute preference. That’s the level of attention of detail that Nu Infinity has put into this condo interior, designed to be a welcoming yet trendy place of residence. “Warmth, cosiness and edginess – these make up the main theme of this young family’s home. The goal for us was to achieve the basics (fulfilling the brief); the other essential was to instil taste and depth into the space for the subconscious mind of the occupants to slowly uncover,” the designers say.

The grey sofa leans against a w all adorned with a bright and beautiful landscape painting.

In the living area, the space promotes a sense of order with its simple yet thoughtful layout.

A glass partition is affixed to the edges of the countertop that opens out to the dining area.

The kitchen is specially designed to give a strong character to the space hidden behind the diffused glass.

In the master bedroom, a more subtle palette is used, but bright accents like yellow is added too.

Featured in iD iNdesign magazine vol.91

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