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6 Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

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Ceiling fans are the standard go-to device for ensuring that a room gets proper ventilation – especially in the high humidity of Malaysia’s tropical climate. These devices typically require less electricity and lighter maintenance than a conventional air-conditioner, making for a more cost-effective means of helping us to cool down. Whether you are on the search for a basic fan or a revolutionary design that provides more than just the comfort of air circulation, we believe you will be better equipped to find the right kind of fan for your home after going through our list of the top ceiling fan brands in Malaysia. Here are some of our recommended brands for 2018.

A homegrown brand well-known for their exquisite ceiling fans, Deka features future-forward fan collections inspired by their motto, “Innovate the Future”. Instead of simply following market trends, Deka creates its products through careful research and development, knowing that every little initiative is worth the while. To date, Deka is the first in Malaysia to offer their unique six-bladed ceiling fan design, following up soon after with the integration of a multitude of unique features such as Bluetooth connectivity and audio playback capability. Good-looking and affordable, Deka’s fans are definitely a great fit for modern living rooms.

Deka has had an exceptional growth in the past two years. With only 2 types of fans to begin with, Deka has now over 20 different types, comprising unique series of ceiling fans and wall fans. In 2013, Deka launched their new range of ceiling fans – the iFan series which features a smorgasbord of impressive built-in Bluetooth 4.0 audio features. Their best-selling collections include the DC8 series and the SX78 series, a 3-bladed fan with ABS modern design and comes with beautiful wood tones like bamboo and oak as well as coffee, gun metal and white colour.

With a history of providing premium and quality fan products to the Malaysian market, KDK Fans Malaysia is currently the market leader in the fan industry. Established in 2002, this company is supported by a wide network of more than 300 authorised dealerships and 17 service agents in Malaysia. Today, they have approximately 100 different models of ceiling fans, general fans, ventilating fans, air curtains and air moving equipment.

KDK’s latest collection, Kaze tops the list of their best-loved fan series, thanks to the fan’s beautiful design featuring five blades and a sleek and minimalist pipe. Kaze which means ‘wind’ in both Japanese (風 – ‘kaze’) and Mandarin (风 – ‘fēng’) is not just good-looking, it’s energy-efficient and durable as well. The blades are constructed from high quality materials, thus you can rest assured it will last for a long time. With its minimalist design, Kaze also fits seamlessly onto ceilings while maintaining a clean and contemporary look, making it the perfect choice for exposed ceilings. Read more about this exquisite fan here.

This is another brand familiar to anyone born and raised in Malaysia during the last half century. Established in Malaysia in 1961, Khind is one of the few homegrown brands that exports to the rest of the world while maintaining manufacturing and distribution centres in Malaysia. Being one of the old-school giants in consumer electronics, Khind’s priorities are centred around high quality offerings at affordable prices.

The Midea Group is the poster child for the rapidly burgeoning economy of mainland China, the subject of this literal rags-to-riches story began as a manufacturer of bottle lids with a capital of RNB 5,000 in 1968 (equating to less than USD 800 in 2018), to become one of the world’s largest producers of home appliances. Midea’s ceiling fan designs seem to take after the innovations expressed by other brands, taking them to more affordable levels by utilising their manufacturing networks.

Perhaps a name more synonymous with other home appliances – Sharp applies their vast commercial network and inhouse design acumen derived from over a century in developing and marketing nearly the entire landscape of consumer electronics. With the kind of experience and network that are the hallmarks of Japan’s post-imperial era companies, Sharp is able to produce ceiling fans of dependable designs, distribute costs globally for affordability, while providing guarantees backed by their appointed regional manufacturers.

*Brands are listed alphabetically.

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