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Bathe in Light: 5 Bathroom Lighting Tips to Enliven Your Bathing Space

by chxadmin

Lighting for the bathroom is often an afterthought. It’s actually important to plan it right so that you can achieve the ambience you want. These five lighting tips for the bathroom will show you how to get lighting up and running beautifully in your bathing space.

1. The Right Lighting
Proper and plentiful light in the bathroom has many useful benefits. That includes setting your circadian rhythms that are an important part in over-all health, elevating one’s mood, allowing bright illumination for the washing and grooming duties, and more. Most importantly is that it is critical for safety, especially for the elderly or disabled since the bathroom is where 80 percent of falls happen.

2. Minimize Glare
If you are bothered by glare, use fixtures that mask the actual light such as deeply recessed downlights or up-lights or dimmers to make adjustments as needed. Also helpful are tubular fluorescent lights with a frosted lens to reduce the glare.

3. Correct Measurements
Lighting recommended for the dressing area is eye-level provided by fixtures at least 30 inches apart with a minimum of 60 watts. That can be accomplished with chain-hung pendants or wall sconces that provide light on both sides of the face for grooming and applying cosmetics.

4. Night Lights
Night lighting is essential to safely maneuver and prevent falls in the middle of the night. Bright overhead lights can be disruptive and blinding when one’s eyes are adjusted to darkness. Provide a low-wattage lamp, or one that responds to motion, or create one by illuminating the toe-space area below the vanity with a linear lighting system.

5. Accentuating the Space
A decorative light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling gives any room an elegant touch at the same time that it is adding extra light.

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