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This Contemporary Superlink Features an Outstanding Nature-Loving Concept

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An interesting concept highlights this 4,520 sqft superlink home desiged by Artillia Renovation + Furniture, resulting in an exciting decor style that blends a myriad of features together in perfect harmony.

“As the clients wanted to blend natural elements into the living space, we infused a “Lair Contemporary” concept into the interior,” Adrian Loong, Design Consultant of Artillia Renovation + Furniture (R+F) says, “The actual meaning of lair is a place where wild animals live and adapt themselves. When expressed as a concept for human living space, it denotes a nature-inspired sanctuary where we can call home.”

The Lair Contemporary concept is instantly prevalent in the bright and welcoming living room. A light-toned backdrop is used to complement the grey couch and curtains. Decorative accents like a rattan floor cushion and a collection of picture frames on the opposite wall add on a personal look to the room. Potted plants elegantly bring forth a lush green ambience to convey the sensation of being embraced by nature.

“We synthesised nature-inspired elements throughout the home in different ways,” Adrian says, adding that material and colour selctions were the key to present the concept further.

A few steps away, an arts and crafts space is included within a courtyard-like space which features a skylight overhead. Daylight streams in through the skylight while green potted plants enliven the space further, adding on to the inside-out ambience.. In the centre, a long table anchors the space, leading the eyes to a sign that says “LAIR” on the grey focal wall. Next to the wall, a large wood partition slides open to reveal the laundry room.

Towards the other side of the arts and crafts space is a cabinet for storing books and other paraphernalia. Sliding doors made from chalkboard material are installed over the cabinets for easy access while offering a place that the owners can use to scribble notes and ideas.

To ensure the bedrooms blend with the key concept while accommodating their own style, the designers went for a more vibrant and personalized ambience. For instance in the master bedroom, shades of brown and wood elements evoke a rustic-luxe look. On the feature wall, a crocheted decor draws the eye to the bed while trinkets like baskets of shapes and sizes are placed casually on the floor to create a laid-back decorative feel.

To keep the theme cohesive, the master bathroom suite features a sophisticated combination of grey tiles and polished white marble walls. Beside the his-and-hers vanity top is a pair of open shelves to give the owners additional storage space.

In another room, the designer went for a tropical-jungle theme using bold colours and eye-catching prints. Right above the headboard of the bed, a large tapestry depicting a bright orange tiger stands out against the dark grey wall. As for the kids’ room, a wall mural with blue clouds illustration complement the built-in cabinets and wardrobe.

Throughout this superlink, furniture pieces by HLC Renovation Works and lighting by I My Home Lighting Signature complement the interior theme further, offering the owners an outstanding dwelling that they love coming home to.

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