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The Annual Hoo Hoo World Forestry Day Run of 2018 Raises RM30,000 for Charity

by chxadmin

Over 400 participants took part in the Hoo Hoo World Forestry Day Run 2018.

Since the registration opened from May, 2018 till closing on 20 Jun, 2018, over 400 participants have registered and successfully raised RM30,000. The purpose of the charity run was to raise funds to finance a two-day-one-night (2D1N) personal development camp to motivate underprivileged children and make an impact in their lives.

The Malaysia Timber Industry Club #275 (MTIC) was initiated as Malaysia Hoo Hoo Club #275 on 4th October, 1996. MTIC (Hoo-Hoo club) is part of and affiliated to the Hoo-Hoo International (HHI), which is headquartered in Arkansas, USA. There are 9 jurisdictions under HHI and MTIC is under Jurisdiction 4, which encompasses clubs in Australia, New Zealand South-East Asia and South Africa. A convention is organized yearly in Jurisdiction 4 for all clubs under it.

Some of the Club Objectives include:-

  • To provide a common meeting ground on which may be developed the essential principles of mutual trust, fellowship, and confidence.
  • To promote the use of timber and timber products.
  • To take an interest in civic affairs and charitable projects for the benefit of the community.
  • To further the education of members of the timber industry and the general public in the advantages and correct applications of timber.

The annual Forest Fun Run has been organized annually since 1998 and many charity events were undertaken since then – including donations to the Kosovo Refugee Fund, organisations addressing the Nipah virus (NiV) outbreak  in 1998, in addition to the inclusion of underprivileged children in various activities and co-organized charity film shows.


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