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Minimal Miracle: This Eco-Minimalist Office Showcases Imaginative Interior Details

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Yakusha Design, a Ukraine-based architecture & interior design studio also known for its own collection of furniture called FAINA, shows its new office in Kyiv (St. Patrice Lumumba, 6/1).

Victoriya Yakusha, head of the studio Yakusha Design, worked on this space in 2016-2017. The office is located in a quite small space – 56 square metres. The main task of interior was to create a multi-functional space. In addition to workplaces, private office, meeting zone, mini kitchen and a bathroom, the designer also required an auditorium, as Victoriya runs an author’s design course.

Image Credit: Yakusha Design

The chosen style for the office interior is a ecological brand of minimalism with ethnic motives. The project was inspired by Ukrainian culture and a philosophy of eco-style – environment, nature and heritage. Victoriya uses many natural materials (such as wood, clay and felt, as well as a vertical “green garden”), traditional symbols and even embroidery. The ceiling here is made of concrete, while walls are decorated with felt and metal panels. All elements are combined with laconic lines and a light floor.

Image Credit: Yakusha Design

Almost all of the furniture for the office is made on FAINA’s own production facilities based on the sketches of Victoriya Yakusha. Here you can find also some pieces from FAINA collection. For example, the FAKTURA modular sofa set (materials: textile, felt, foam rubber, available in 12 forms), unique TURBOTA handmade pillows (materials: textiles, felt, foam), and the PAPIR set of vases (a composition of 3 separate ceramic vases of various shape and altitude). In the hall, one would encounter huge symbols of traditional “vyshyvanka” Ukrainian embroidery in conventional colours – red, black and white.

The woollen yarn “vyshyvanka” embroidery decorates the sliding door of the cabinet. Image Credit: Yakusha Design

Victoriya Yakusha:“We are spending over half-life at work in our offices, so for my team I wanted to create a space where we all will be comfortable and relaxed. To make space bigger, I used lots of white colour and natural daylight. It was important for me also express a personal vision and style, as the office can be our “business card” for many clients and partners. I think that in the end the interior of our office turned out to be simple and functional, with maximum usage of natural materials – the things that I value the most in the interior”.

CEO working zone with blue leather decorative panel on the wall. Image Credit: Yakusha Design


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