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This Charming Family Home in New York City is Brimming with Natural Beauty

by creativehomex

When a young couple saw this townhouse, they were instantly in love with it. However, they wanted to revamp the previously renovated interior to reflect their personal taste. Hence, the couple brought in architect Amie Sachs who turned into a graceful haven of rest and relaxation.

“The previous owner had renovation done by AD100 Steven Harris Architects. Even though the new owners wanted to preserve some elements of the previous revamping, they felt the urge to introduce some practical changes, adapted to their expanding family,” notes the architect. “Ultimately, the owners wanted to turn the townhouse into a place where a family can grow and where friends can meet.”

To do that, Amie Sachs created romantic and whimsy moments in each room. In the dining room, for instance, the architect sets a dramatic lighting fixture, a treelike installation in bronze and porcelain that climbs up the wall and across the ceiling above the modern dining table. A round sofa in green velvet creates this bipolar dimension – it is refined enough to enjoy a good evening with friends and comfortable enough to create remarkable moments with family around the table.

Throughout the townhouse, an intentional and unified palette is prevalent. Green, burgundy, and blue are applied to several elements, from upholstery to decorative objects and even tiles.

“The homeowners had returned from a trip to Kyoto with ideas about blooming flowers, gardens, and nature imagery. Thus, we filled the home with floral patterns and green elements, creating a graceful environment,” the architect elaborates.

Where most of the residence is anchored in ideas about the garden, flowers, and greenery, the top floor is about connecting with the sky. Here, Amie Sachs created a perfect space for a family movie-night snuggle or a nightcap with old friends.

Photography: Alexandra Rowley/AD

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