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Unified Style: Latitude Design

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This compact apartment is portrayed in the palette of our time to maximise space and produce an uncomplicated décor.

Located in the suburban township of Sierra 16 in Puchong, the bulk of the space in this 969 square-foot serviced apartment is devoted to a seating lounge, dining area, and kitchenette occupying an open layout. The designers, headed by Latitude Design, paint the décor of a modern urban home in neutral colours by retaining the default architectural finishes to serve as a pale backdrop for an array of wood, mirrored panels, metallic frames, and grey fabrics.

Monochromatic Emphasis: Dark forms stand against patches of white in the neutral-coloured backdrop to highlight key parts the open layout, such as seating and appliances.

The walls on either side of this open layout are largely decked in wood and mirrored panels framed by metal, interrupted only briefly for the white walls to reappear and indicate the presence of the foyer and the hallway leading to the three bedrooms and two bathrooms of this home. The configurations of materials used on the walls create impressions of wide windows, with panes composed of mirrored glass and wood to respectively expand the perceived space and imbue the ambiance with some warmth.


The kitchen and dining areas are nestled in a tight arrangement alongside the entryway to provide additional space for an unobtrusive passageway leading into the private spaces. To further reduce the visual weight of the kitchen’s fittings, light shades of wood are used to frame the white countertop and cabinets.

A narrow island counter is incorporated to divide the kitchen from the dining space, with a white finish selected to deliberately camouflage the counter with the adjacent walls. While the illusion serves to subtly limit the extent of the kitchen, it also acts as the base for a projection of pale wood. The wooden projection is utilised as a dining surface with the contrasting accompaniment of glossy black chairs composed of mould-injected plastic.

Across the walkway, a cream and black speckled carpet marks out the dimensions of the seating lounge, its fibres seemingly mimicking a plane of coarse stone to echo the plastered walls and contrast against the polished floor tiles. The seating lounge is sparsely furnished to preserve a luxurious amount of space between pieces: a contemporary low-back sofa takes up one length of wall, while a lone armchair stands in front of the adjacent length of windows, and a modern circular light fixture acts as a glittering form of punctuation in contrast to the low-profile coffee table.

The neutral palette gives way slightly to allow for generous doses of blue to be incorporated into the fabrics and decorations of the bedrooms. While a vivid shade of blue is applied to the children’s bedroom, the inclusion of grey in the master bedroom produces a duskier shade suitable for a more mature occupant.

Experienced Designers

Since starting out in June 2003, Latitude Design has been providing customers with high quality and original interior designs for their residential and commercial spaces in Malaysia. With a formidable and experienced design team, the company now possesses a significant portfolio of completed projects – ranging from single-room renovations and the refurbishment of entire dwellings to the building of bungalows from the ground up. Latitude Design is a reputable and prestigious brand in the industry – emphasizing on the budget, deadline and functionality of every project.

From left to right: Katherine Chan, Sherman Cheah, Amr Ghobar, Sun, Phang, Elaine Yap, and Ezri Faiz
Venue: GoldenHome Kitchen @ Glenmarie
Kitchen Appliances: Teka Küchentechnik Malaysia
Photographer: Gavin Yam

Latitude Design Sdn Bhd
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