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Uncomplicated Décor: ID Industries

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A compact home, rendered spacious with neutral colours and minimalist lines.

ID Industries makes a compact home spacious by saturating an open layout in the neutral palette and providing minimal definition in uncomplicated lines accented with soft lighting and pale wood. The open configuration of this condominium’s conjoined dining space and seating lounge is magnified by white walls left plain—with the exception of some deliberate lines constituting one of the few decorative features of the space.

The view from the entryway presents a long stretch of cream floor tiles enclosed between simplistically lined white walls on one side and a generous length of mirrored panels rising from floor to ceiling along the opposite wall. With the heavy drapery at the far end of the layout drawn open, the space is bathed in sunlight, the filtered quality of light bringing the white walls closer into the realm of grey at the height of the day.

Lively Accents: A red velvet re-interpretation of the Barcelona bench pulls attention to the fore of the seating lounge, while frames of light and pale wood stretch the gaze into the background.

This striking scene almost distracts the naïve eye from noticing the utilitarian kitchen tucked into an alcove beside the entrance, the white countertops and pale wood cabinet doors working to push back the darkness brought on by the shade of the slightly lowered ceiling and the dark tint of the larger appliances.

The private spaces of this home are concealed behind a sliding door—a simplistic wooden partition camouflaged with a rectangular motif in a linear pattern that is discernibly similar to the short stretch of wall located directly next to it and the stand of shelving in the far corner of the seating lounge. The paleness of the neutral palette expressed in the open layout takes a turn towards the darker side in the bedroom, which presents dusky envelop of grey.

A dining surface protrudes into the space next to the kitchen, its diminutive form appearing to unfold out of a blank rectangle nested within a stretch of mirrors. The accompanying side chairs feature dark wooden frames and pale upholstery to match the two tones of the dining surface, further decreasing the imposition of the arrangement into the space.

Warm Glows: The combination of pale wood accents and strategic lighting against a neutral-coloured background creates a wash of blushing peach that is brought to off-white in the sunlight.

Wooden Concealment: A partition of wood bearing a rectangular motif similar to the adjacent wall hides the bedroom when slid closed.

Quadratic Composition: As with the rest of the home, the bedroom is composed of rectangles nested within rectangles, represented in equal parts wood and frames of light.

ID Industries Sdn. Bhd.
A-G-06 & A-3A-06
Block Allamanda 10 Boulevard
Lebuhraya Sprint, PJU 6A
47000 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Other Outlets

+603 6157 3933
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