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Interior design, scenography, decorative and contemporary art, fashion and gastronomy – all these areas of art define the works and passion of Emilie Bonaventure. An art historian with a diploma from the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, whose passions include classical, modern and contemporary art, Emilie Bonaventure is well established in the world of art, fashion and gastronomy.


Bringing the best of her ideas to the design world, this multidisciplinary decorator founded her Parisian studio «be-attitude» in 2005 which strongly focuses on the unification and interactivity of art, architecture and design. She has also recently opened her shop, Personal&Friends.


As a set designer, creative director, consultant, a decorator, an expert in 20th century French ceramics, with her interdisciplinary approach, Emilie Bonaventure listens closely to the needs of her clients and personalises each project. She strives to maintain strong bonds with those she works with and those who support her. This notion of sharing and pleasure is a big part of her life. Personal&Friends, her new shop which is an extension of her studio, is a good illustration of this. At this ground floor shop/gallery/showroom on the Rue Milton in the 9th arrondissement in Paris, there’s no need for visitors to make an appointment to visit the space.

“I wanted to bring something a little extra, to make it easier to present what we’ve looked for and found, to put these things on stage, touch them, and experiment with them, so that they can be better appropriated: it’s a space that reflects my choices, my encounters, and my experiences,” shares Bonaventure.


Her «be-attitude» studio is responsible for designing the stands of Galerie Jacques Lacoste and Thomas Fritsch at many renowned international art events in Paris, Basel, London, New York and Miami. Emilie Bonaventure’s loyal collaboration with chef restaurateurs for the past four years has also given her recognition as a top decorator on the international culinary scene. Some of her notable projects include Rose Bakery Tearoom located at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche which opened its doors in March 2013, Frenchie Covent Garden in London as well as Chef Franck Baranger’s new restaurant in Paris.


“My whole life is connected to food,” Bonaventure says. “It comes from my family, who were all in the restaurant business. And I’ve always been a food lover. This contact with dishes, with chefs, drove me to create this new space, Personal&Friends, because chefs can give us immediate and instant pleasures. In my career, when we deliver our results, we very quickly get a list of what must be modified or changed. Satisfaction is very short-lived. You need a lot of energy to put happiness back in what you’re doing. Here, you can have everything you see instantly. I wanted to go back to that feeling, to find myself in the instantaneous. When people are happy, you can tell right away!”