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Top Designer Task and Office Chairs in Malaysia: Vitra Special Collections

by creativehomex

In today’s fast-changing workplaces, furniture like the office chair plays an important role in addressing the ebbs and flows of office dynamics. Check out some of the best task and office chairs from Vitra that would elevate Malaysian workspaces to the next level of aesthetic and productivity.

“The idea that work and life are intertwined led, alongside digitalisation, to an expansion of work into our private lives. The pendulum is now swinging in the opposite direction and the personal need for quality of life pervades the world of work. Fast, agile processes encourage motion and dynamism. This leads to new ways of working, new work environments and new requirements for office chairs. And yet sitting down for long periods of time remains statistically the biggest health risk – putting the office chair under the spotlight.” ~ Vitra

Vitra’s clever designs and functions ensure healthy seating, no matter how much time employees spend in their seats. Here are some of best looking, top quality task and office chairs by Vitra, available from Haus Living Concepts.

Konstantin Grcic
The Allstar office chair by Konstantin Grcic imparts a relaxed home-like feel and sense of familiarity. Its rounded form exudes comfort and yields a calming influence on the fast-paced dynamic of today’s offices. Allstar also satisfies all the necessary functions of a task chair, allowing it to be used wherever high functional performance is desired but a classic office chair would not be appropriate for aesthetic reasons – an especially ideal choice for modern workplace concepts.

AM Chair
Alberto Meda
The AM Chair is the combined result of engineering skill, quality design and experience, uniting ergonomic functionality with technical elegance. Dynamic armrests and a height-adjustable back give the chair an emblematic appearance, while the slender plastic frame and translucent mesh cover bestow a sense of lightness and grace.

ID Trim
Antonio Citterio
With its compact padding, the backrest of the ID Trim office chair conveys a sense of classic elegance and quality craftsmanship. The sandwich construction with integrated lumbar support provides the comfort of an upholstered backrest while being almost as slim as a mesh backrest – offering an alternative to both of these construction types for office chair backrests.

ID Air
Antonio Citterio
The one-piece plastic backrest of the ID Air office chair is an innovative construction manufactured in a patented process. With the strategically placed perforations in its backrest, ID Air offers great freedom of movement while providing the necessary support for healthy sitting postures. The flexibility of the backrest and the effective air circulation are complemented by soft seat upholstery to ensure a high degree of comfort.

Pacific Chair
Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
Development of the Pacific Chair followed the guiding principle ‘full performance, quiet design’. The intuitive office chair offers all the functions necessary for ergonomic seating, while demonstrating expressive clarity and exceptional precision. Thanks to its understated character, the Pacific Chair is an ideal addition to any contemporary interior.

Vitra has been developing and producing office chairs for over 40 years. Get inspired by the three task chairs Pacific Chair, AM Chair and ID Chair, and also learn more about their designers here: taskchairs.vitra.com/en-gb/id/timeline

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Log on to www.vitra.com or check out Vitra’s collection at www.haus.com.my

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