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Stylish Perfection: SQFT Space Design Management

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Bold neutrals paired with excellent styling creates a stunning interior that blends function with personal taste.

When simple forms and style are put together skilfully, a well-designed home is likely in the cards. In this home, everything has been composed so immaculately that each space stands out elegantly in a perfectly-composed way. In the living room, for instance, all it takes is a white sofa and a built-in TV cabinet complemented by exquisite accessories to bring out a personalized ambience. The designers have sought the use of textures to enhance the room – here, rugs and pillows add in a touch of lived-in cosiness. Framed art prints on the wall further inject an artistic feeling to the space.

For the dining area, space is maximised through the use of bench seating that is flushed to the side wall. Two dining chairs complete the look while for the adjacent dry kitchen, matching high stools placed at the breakfast counter create yet another space for having meals. The kitchen is given a unique visual appeal using black steel frames that outline the kitchen cabinets. This approach infuses a sense of linearity to the space and sets off a contemporary outlook. Over the counter, the frames morph into open shelving where decorating accessories put in a lively effect into the kitchen. For the kitchen counter and cabinets below, polished white finishing is used, offsetting the dark palette above.

A similar palette is evident in the master bedroom, but the designers have masterfully turned it around to fit the space. Dark wood panels are used for the feature wall at the headboard, matching the timber flooring. Grey soft furnishing and a rug with geometric print bring out the room’s main design theme. Black steel frames are employed for the open wardrobe, creating a lightweight effect while on the opposite wall, a large painting adds on a perfect finishing touch.

For the kids’ bedrooms, pastel tones are used in tandem with builtin cabinets and wood bedframes to imbue the rooms with a warm and welcoming ambience. In the girl’s room, a canopy bed lends a soft, feminine feel. Ladder-like shelving leans against the wall to give the space its own appeal. As for the boy’s room, walls are decorated with his favourite sports gear and accessories to instil a sense of belonging in this space.

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