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4-Bedroom Superlink with a Modern Chic Theme : Stylecraft Design

by creativehomex

This elegant home brings together an array of stylish furniture and a mix of lavish textures to create a touch of contemporary vibe.

A distinctive contemporary atmosphere is prevalent in this beautiful home designed and styled by Stylecraft Design. Small details give hints of the homeowners’ lifestyle while playing a significant role to create an elegant abode.

In the main living room, the TV wall features white marble with light grey veins, adding on an upscale luxe ambience to the interior space. The seating furniture pieces are placed casually around the room – a grey lounge is set across the TV wall while a stylish armchair is complemented by two green stools.

Across the living room, the dining room conjures a relaxing vibe with its contemporary dining set. Grey upholstered dining chairs surround a solid rectangular table to create a streamlined effect.

Next to the dining area, the dry kitchen commands attention with its sleek white palette comprising floor-to-ceiling cabinets with appliances neatly tucked into it. An earthy-toned marble breakfast bar delineates the space while further into the kitchen area, the cabinetry continues in a linear fashion to reveal the wet kitchen which features a long countertop accommodating the cooktop, sink and ample space for food preparation.

A second living room which serves as a cosy family room is done up in a chic manner using a combination of grey hues and light brown wood. Cubic frames that hang on the wall act as shelves while creating an eye-catching effect.

Warmer palettes are seen in the bedrooms, especially the master bedroom which is romantically decorated yet features a strong contemporary theme. The headboard wall is given a dramatic treatment using a large light wood surface with diagonal lines where a single line is affixed with concealed lighting.

In one of the larger bedrooms, the designers kept the headboard simple with just a solid surface dressed in white to contrast with the dark textured wall finishing in the room. However, concealed lighting is placed in between a small slit to generate a unique ambience.

In the kids’ room, the designers went for a playful touch where cut outs of gabled houses are used as the headboards.

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