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Spacious Style: GI Design

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A compact condominium decorated in space-saving style, accented with an eclectic union of rural vibes and industrial influences.

GI Design makes use of a neutral palette and customised fittings with slim profiles to compose a serene and expansive ambiance in this 870 square-foot condominium. A wall by the foyer presents a gradated wash of blue-grey to white – the gradient transitioning to a white ceiling at the top and darkening along the tile skirting at the base, while the adjacent wall is rendered in white-washed brick along its entire length to the furthest extent of the seating lounge.

The open layout of the combined dining and seating areas is subdivided by a partition wall, composed in part from frosted glass panels set in minimalist metal frames. The imagery of these minimalist frames is repeated on the wall of the dining area, with shelving formed out of ebonised wood fixed to the white-washed brick wall.

A simplistic banquette dining arrangement is rendered in white and pale wood with the selection of a distinctly Scandinavian dining table and the accompanying form-pressed side chairs of ubiquitous design. Hanging over the Scandinavian dining arrangement is a four-bulb reproduction of the Harrow billiard chandelier, its shadows casting a geometric impression against the white background of the dining space.

Echoed Lines: The surrounding black lines are repeated in the ebonies wood shells and Harrow chandelier affixed above the banquette dining arrangement.

The path into the kitchens is sectioned off in a manner similar to the partition between the dining area and seating lounge – with sliding doors composed from the same quality of frosted glass panels and robust carbon-coated metal frames. The cooking space is a combination of dry and wet kitchen, subdivided by a short wall projection with see-through box niches cut into it. The designed transparency serves to expand the narrow confines of the single-wall configuration – along with an uninterrupted stretch of mirrored panelling occupying the backsplash of the outer kitchen space.

Compact Facilities: The narrow confines of the kitchens are countered by the single-wall configuration, the neutral palette, and wide expanses of glossy or reflective finishes to visually expand the space.

Splashes of blue-grey and dusky teal respectively occupy the walls of the study and the bedrooms to personalise these private spaces, with accents of wood and reflective panels repeated alongside these decorative planes in a continuation of the prevailing theme seen in the open layout of this home. While the bedrooms are replete with elements evocative of the countryside, the study takes on a more modern personality with wood grains relegated to a backsplash surrounded by wall-mounted cubicles and shelves projecting from the walls.


Rural Undertones: The modern bedspaces are decorated with objects and imagery evocative of countryside environments — with various qualities of wood converging among shades of blue and potted plants.

Practical Decorators

GI Design demonstrates passion and persistent performance, applied with a team of interior designers uniquely imbued with refreshing ideas, creative solutions, and the requisite professional skills to provide high quality interior design services. In addition to creative and innovative interior design for turnkey installations of various types – including both commercial and residential properties, GI Design can be counted on to faithfully interpret client demands while providing honest, educational, and practical consultation on interior design trends.

From left to right: Teen Soo Jing, Elaine Hwang, Pua Xi Wen, and Isaac Teo
Venue: King Koil Boutique @ IPC Mall
Photographer: Gavin Yam

GI Design
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