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Chic Advantage: The Paris Residence Captures a Distinct Aesthetic that Takes You to the Quaint Streets of Paris


Located in the picturesque area of Saint Germain, this elegant residence has an enigmatic aura and pleasant motifs that allow the design to boast unparalleled Parisian charm. The duplex is built to give its inhabitants a taste of classic French interior design.

Many of the aspects of the project stem from the firm’s set protocols regarding bespoke interior design. Not only is Saint Germain a popular tourist spot, but it also holds much cultural and historical significance, making it one of the main reasons people visit. Because of the area’s importance, the residence needed to represent a critical essence of French culture.

These fabulous apartments seamlessly merge classical elements with enchanting features from contemporary residential style. It contains all the fundamentals for a lavish lifestyle. Just like the posh and vintage shops that line the streets of Saint Germain, the apartments have a familiar European essence.

This isn’t by mere coincidence; the design team took surrounding construction, materials, and colour palettes into careful consideration. To emulate the complex mixture of European luxury and subtlety, they relied on hues such as beige, red, black, brown, and white. However, they still made varied contrasts throughout the space. This retains modernistic individuality, without compromising on timeless sophistication.

The aim was to align the interior design with the surrounding areas in a way that would address its locational gravitas. Nevertheless, the design is nothing if adapted to the changing times, which explains the eclectic mix with concepts of modern minimalism.

The living rooms in the duplex apartment have white walls, which appear as a stunning backdrop against classic motifs. Some of them also feature accessories like chandeliers that enhance the beauty of the French interior. In terms of décor, the goals were to keep things minimal, but at the same time, make sure that the statement pieces were of an exclusive nature.

The Residence in Paris project by MY PICK ONE maintains a unique combination of modern function and classical French grace. In the heart of Paris, nestled between quaint shops and homes, in close proximity to a significant historical landmark, Saint Germain, the firm is proud to have embodied the spirit of Parisian luxury through interior design.


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