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Opulent Lustre: Mode Interior Style

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Strips of reflective metals and panels of dramatically veined marble converge in this home to render nearly every available plane luxurious.

Mode Interior Style elevates a home saturated in neutral tones and decorated in modern lines with the generous application of marbled stone panels and reflective metal frames. As is the modern convention, the thesis of this home’s prevailing theme is presented in an opulent altar to television situated at the entryway. The view from the foyer is designed to be awe-inspiring— interconnected panels of unmistakable Calacatta marble are divided into evenly sized panels with lines of reflective metal reminiscent of polished brass.

Marbled Skybox: The seating lounge is dominated by two defining features: a luxurious spread of Calacatta marble on the wall behind the television, and a generous stretch of skylights illuminating the space with sunlight from above.

Just as with spiritual sanctuaries of tradition, the feature presentation of the seating lounge is bathed in sunlight from the generous skylight above, while being reinforced by a display shelf and console surface composed from a variety of laminate mimicking aged wood. Once the naïve eye is prepared to be pulled away from this dramatic presentation, the gaze falls on the warm light spilling from an opening at the far end of the space.

The source of golden light is soon found to be an opulent corner hosting a circular dining arrangement, its walls composed from dark marbled stone on one plane and a stretch of mirrored panels amplifying the light along the adjacent plane. The circular dining surface emphasises its own presence by putting a distinctly lighter shade of marble in direct contrast against its surroundings, while the gap in tone is bridged by the accompaniment of dark brown leather upholstery.

A beverage counter is raised in the adjacent space, utilising dark and angular forms for its foundation and yellow accents in and among the cabinetry for a measure of mirthful contrast. The palette of the dry kitchen is mirrored in the cooking space, where the black stone countertops and marbled sheen of the cabinet doors are segmented by streaks of yellow.

Blonde Highlights: Initially revealed in the dry kitchen, the cooking space utilises accents in the form of cabinet sides and drawers rendered in the colour of butter to break up the dark cabinet doors and countertops.

A foray up the stairs brings one into the private spaces of this home, where the opulent décor takes a turn towards a more refined application of industrial materials. A home office occupies the central position of this home, taking advantage of a generously sized staircase landing on an intermediate level to put the shades and grains of concrete and distressed wood against the brushed steel and glass balustrades of the nearby staircase.

Hub of Governance: A home office sits poised on a staircase landing, decorated for masculine appeal with shades of concrete and grains of aged wood to complement the brushed steel and glass balustrades of the nearby staircases.

The palette of industrial materials is expressed in full force in the master bedroom, where immense panels of brushed steel adorn the doorway in the manner of a space-faring vessel and panels of fabric upholstery on the headboard mimic the patina of aged concrete from afar.

Steel Plated: The master bedroom features a unique décor composed from glossy metals and marbled stone framing decorative panels of brushed steel and upholstery mimicking concrete on the headboard.

Whimsical Quarters: In contrast to the opulent and masculine décor presented elsewhere, the family gym and the children’s spaces are fittingly imbued with bright splashes of primary colours for levity.

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