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An Office-Gallery Brimming with Modern Industrial Flair: MSR Design

by creativehomex

Diverting away from conventional workspace design, this office-gallery takes on a cosy modern theme with a chic industrial outlook.

Comfort and style are the key values of this office-gallery designed by MSR Design. In the central space, the layout is kept open and spacious. Movable wall panels which slide open to reveal the adjacent room offer versatile functionality to the space.

The wall panels are painted in a charming blue hue to add visual interest to the space while complementing the modern industrial interior decor.

To soften the ambience, the designer selected a variety of upholstered sofa sets to set up different seating zones.

A long counter is set across the room, dividing the space into the lounge area and discussion zone.

At the corner, a display wall which incorporates a custommade shelf showcases the company’s main products. A large flat screen TV is affixed to the centre of the shelving unit.

From the office-gallery, the space flows into a hallway furnished with a pair of upholstered armchairs against an elegant feature wall donning marble finishing.

Featured in iD iNdesign vol. 93

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